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Portuguese Navy Today

From SN Guides

The Portuguese Navy Today and projection for near future:


Vasco da Gama Class, 3 ships of the Meko 200PN type,

F 330 - Vasco da Gama , comissioned 1990

F 331 - Álvares Cabral , comissioned 1991

F 332 - Corte Real , comissioned 1991

Álvares Cabral.jpg

Bartolomeu Dias Class (Dutch Karel Doorman) - 2 ships

F 333 - Bartolomeu Dias (ex- F833 HrMs Van Nes), comissioned 16th January 2009

F 334 - D. Francisco de Almeida (ex- F834 HrMs Van Galen), comissioned 15th January 2010

F333 com bandeira portuguesa.jpg



(downgraded to OPV missions)

João Coutinho Class

F471 António Enes

F475 João Coutinho

F476 Jacinto Cândido

F477 Pereira d'Eça (in decomission phase)

João Coutinho.jpg

Baptista de Andrade Class (improved João Coutinho) - 3 ships, originally 4

F486 Baptista de Andrade

F487 João Roby

F488 Afonso Cerqueira

(the corvettes are planed to be phased out and replaced by the NPOs Viana do Castelo)



Sub2.jpg Tridente1.jpg Tridente2.jpg NRP TRIDENTE 2010-08-02 © Luís Miguel Correia 5171.JPG

New Class Type U-209PN (in reality they are U-214)

Under Construction , at HDW Shipyards-Germany, to join Fleet in 2010 and 2011

S 160 - NRP Tridente (provisional hand-over @ 17th June 2010 , arrived at Lisbon Naval Base @ 2nd August 2010)

S 161 - NRP Arpão ( arrived at Lisbon Naval Base @ 30th April 2011)


A5210 NRP Bérrio (ex-HMS Blue Rover)


(photo used by permission of author, Pedro Baptista)






P 360 - Viana do Castelo (commisioned 31st December 2010)

P 361 - Figueira da Foz (unknown date for joining fleet)

recent photo http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/286080/title/nrp-viana-do-castelo-p/cat/519


Albacora Class SS (originally 4 ships: Albacora d. 2000, Barracuda, Cachalote [to Pakistan 1975 as Ghazi] , Delfim d. 2005) Sub.jpg

S 164 - NRP Barracuda

(decommisioned January 2010)

João Belo Class - 2 ships , originally 4

(Based on french Cmt Riviere, but built specifically for Portugal )

Joao belo 02.jpg

F480- Comandante João Belo* / Sold to Uruguay, Official Transfer on 8th April 2008, renamed ROU-01 URUGUAY

F483- Comandante Sacadura Cabral*/ Sold to Uruguay, Official Transfer on 8th April 2008, renamed ROU-02 CTE PEDRO CAMPBELL


F481- Comandante Hermenegildo Capelo - Decommisioned April 2004, in Alfeite, waiting scrap

F482 - Comandante Roberto Ivens - Decommisioned 1998, after colision, scrapped

The original Configuration of these frigates included a ASW 305mm Mortar ahead of the bridge and a 3rd 100mm Creuseot-Loire gun astern

Links Of Interest

Official PN Site:


Unofficial site with plenty of data concerning the fleet:


Written by Member P44

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