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Searching for entries in the SN Directory

Conducting a Basic Search[edit]

  • Searches are conducted using the Search facilities found on the left of each page.
  • Put your keyword(s) in the search box and press the Search button
  • You will get a list of pages that match your search criteria if any exist - if not you will get a message saying no matches were found.
  • From the match(es) select the page you wish to view


  1. The search engine will match ALL words you enter in the search box. So if you enter "Good Ship Venus", only pages containing all three words are returned. If you entered "Good Ship" you would get "Good Ship Venus" matches and "Good Ship Lollipop" matches if they exisited.
  2. The search is not case sensitive, so aardvark, Aardvark and AARDVARK are treated the same by the search engine.
  3. The search engine only looks at the contents of pages and not the titles of pages.
  4. You will probably do best by keeping your searches simple - e.g. if you are searching for "H.M.S. Pinafore", just enter "Pinafore" as the search engine is very particular about punctuation marks and would treat "H.M.S" as different from "HMS"

Finding a Page with a Known Title[edit]

(This is most likely to be used by people creating and editing Directory entries)

  • Enter the page name in the search box and press the Go button
  • If the page exists you will be taken straight to it
  • If the page does not exist you will be given the option to create it