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calvin 15th February 2006 19:51

The Iron Ore Carriers
hi what ever happen to all the orecarriers of the sixties and early seventies
was with w a souter on the
dunstanburgh castle
but remember others like welsh herald la colina silversand and shore cape franklin cape howe and ports like narvik murmansk sept isles nouadhibou monrovia mossamedes pepel victoria lulea and the dust good beer though.

cboots 16th February 2006 03:49

I would imagine the demise of the UK steel industry did for them as well.

vix 16th February 2006 03:58

Yes, probably relegated to walking the plank! Did Oremina, Craigallian, Pennyworth, Ravensworth...some good ships and SOME good ports! Vix

trotterdotpom 16th February 2006 09:41

Lots of mentions of these ships on the site Calvin - see Denholms, Houlders and many more.

With the rationalisation of the steel industry in the UK, all the iron ore was taken to Port Talbot, Teesport and Glasgow (I think) and all carried in the big bulkies.
4 days in Vitoria turned into 18 hours in Tubarao - spoilsports!

John T.

calvin 17th February 2006 19:52

Yep like us old seadog left to demise and linger in the memories some bloody good ones some rubbish.there was nothing like going to sept isles or murmansk in the middle of winter or heading south to nouadhibou and getting the weather forecast on the shipping programme of finistere and hearing that the weather was gentle to moderate breezes and yet you were in a flaming force 10 to 12 no the wonder we called the station gentl jesus never did get his weather right

trotterdotpom 17th February 2006 22:18


Originally Posted by calvin
Yep like us old seadog left to demise and linger in the memories some bloody good ones some rubbish.there was nothing like going to sept isles or murmansk in the middle of winter or heading south to nouadhibou and getting the weather forecast on the shipping programme of finistere and hearing that the weather was gentle to moderate breezes and yet you were in a flaming force 10 to 12 no the wonder we called the station gentl jesus never did get his weather right

Yes, I recall battling sandstorms off Nouadhibou, crossing the hatches of mv Dunkyle to get to the bar down aft - a dark and lonly job but it had to be done!

The station known as "Gentle Jesus" was actually Monsanto Radio (CTV?), a Portuaguese naval station - the quality of their forecasts indicated that there were no windows in the building.

They were supposed to accept meteorological reports but were almost impossible to raise. I received an infringement notice once because they reported me for transmitting 5 seconds inside a "silence period" on the distress frequency. You had to say why you did whatever you did wrong and send it back to Geneva or somewhere, so I just wrote that it was unlikely that Monsanto heard me transmitting at that time as they never listen, and never heard anymore about it.

John T.

John T.

John Cassels 19th February 2006 11:40

Why didn't you take the tunnel. I thought all the Denholm Orey boats all
had tunnels through the starboard wing tanks.


trotterdotpom 19th February 2006 14:54


Originally Posted by John Cassels
Why didn't you take the tunnel. I thought all the Denholm Orey boats all
had tunnels through the starboard wing tanks.


Don't recall a tunnel, John, but in any case, time was of the essence!

John T.

beedeesea 1st March 2006 21:26

My own first trip to sea was as junior R/O on Dunkyle, in '62, I think.
Falmouth to Seven Islands. As far as I can remember, there was a tunnel, but I thought it was on the port side?

Argyll 2nd March 2006 17:22

I think I may have sailed with you on the Dunkyle in '62, I joined her in Falmouth ,in drydock as I remember. I was senior apprentice anmd the junior ,doing his first trip was Les Mc Naughton from Dundee. Master D.R.Kidd a perfect gentleman the mate was Gerry Elwick. I think the senior R/O was from Manchester area but can't remember his name. the2/o was Vince Wallace who was later releived by Sandy Ferguson as far as I remember, The Bosun was from Liverpool who nick named me Slim on account of my name being Alistair, the Cook was Andy Lang .

beedeesea 2nd March 2006 21:31

Well,well,well.....still crazy after all these years! Boy, what a memory you have! You brought it all flooding back. My Chief's name was Tim Wall from Cheadle Hulme; he was a big motor-cycling fan. I still bear a scar from our crossing of the line ceremony on the trip to Vitoria......a jagged-edged can almost severed my little finger. King Neptune was a big bearded Cornish chippie named Derek Something. Also recall Vince Wallace switching on the radar while I was painting the scanner.......Elwick insisted I get down on my hands and knees and clean up the whole mess myself. Can't remember your name, but definitely do remember one of the Apps being from Tarbert; it's the only time I've come across the place in my life! Great to hear from you! It's a brilliant website, isn't it?

Tom Morton 2nd March 2006 21:43

I remember the tunnel on the Denholm ore carriers, down the starboard side. Once in Bone (Algeria) I was sent down the tunnel to look for stowaways, had done this before and it was just a walk in a poorly lit area. However , this time I was walking along and saw a pair of eyes. Did not switch the flashlight on, did not look further---just go the hell out of there and reported my findings. They picked a couple of hands and sent them down---sure enough they came back with a stowaway---felt really sorry for him as he was turned over to whatever authorities. I was about 17 and did not weigh probably more than 140 lbs!

Argyll 3rd March 2006 09:15

My memory is good sometimes not all the time, until I read your thread i had no more mind , the tunnel was on the starboard side, was dispatched to suji on more than one occasion.I remember your chief as I bought a tape recorder from him. also the chippy now that you mentioned him. he used to sing a wee ditti about a ship called "La Estancia" one of Buries Markies. I agree it is a good site , at times I wonder about all the guys I worked with and what became of them , memories ,yes some bad , but the good ones outweigh them,
Argyll( Alistair Kernachan)

stephano 3rd March 2006 13:04

seem to remember all tunnels where on the star/b side dont know why.

beedeesea 3rd March 2006 21:31

I was obviously wrong about the tunnel......the old Senior Moments are on the increase I'm afraid. If I remember rightly I think it was you who told me about an up-and-coming young singer/comedian who was doing the rounds in Glasgow at the time. His name was Billy Connolly; didn't 'e do well!
Did you ever hear what became of Dunkyle in the end?

Argyll 4th March 2006 11:51

on this occasion re- Billy Connely I don't remember talking to you about,but put that down to age. I do remember your chief was a guitar player who was a Shadows fan . as for Dunkyle I saw her many years later at the General terminas in Glasgow under the Greek flag I think it was ,discharging ore, what are you doing with youself now and where are you now living.

beedeesea 4th March 2006 20:20

I've been working my way steadily downwards since last we met! When I went ashore I worked for L.M.ERICSSON on exchange installation, then for the Irish Post Office Engineering Branch. Got married in '70; went to Oz for 5 years in '71. Returned home in '76, had 2 kids, a boy and girl, now both grown up. Worked for Irish Fertilizer Industries for the next 26 years. When they folded I decided to cut my losses and take time to smell the roses before it was too late. Since '76 have been living in Arklow, Co. Wicklow.
There wouldn't be too many people around who could match your sea-time, these days. Are you going to stick it out to the bitter end?
Brian (Duane)

Argyll 7th March 2006 16:19

I'Ve had qiute a chequered life, after Dunkyle I went to Naess Cavalier, Naess Clipper, Crinan, then I chucked it for a couple of years and worked ashore at Leyland motors in Lancashire, I then went back to sea on deck, as I did not sit my ticket, I ended up working for a private owned ferry company, sailing locally to Islay , I got a second bite of the cherry and sat and gained my mate hometrade the company chucked the run and I left and went to Robertsons of Glasgow then Gardeners, for the last 27 years I've been with Caledonian MacBrayne sailind as mate and 2nd mate which I' doing at the moment. I could have retired in December ,but I'm on the local run ( terminal being 5 miles from my house) I work 2 weeks on 2 weeks off plus 6 weeks leave per annum not bad for a failed Denholm app. I go back tomorrow will talk to you in 2
Ps I'm also married with 2 grown up sons.

Sparks 29th March 2006 10:25

ore carriers
Well you all made my day after reading through 'ore carrier memmories'.
Sept isles in and out in two hours, but the cod were out of this world. Black-out in Murmansk, steel coils across the Bay to Spain, finding a grocer outside the Dock Gates in Savona with wall to wall spirits, all under a fiver and emptying same before sailing, saily sked on R/T.......
Well I'm going to tell you all something about this tunnel after joining the Clarkeden (first of 4 ore boats) in Port Talbot. First night on board had a dream about a tunnel, lottsa green water, lights going out etc.etc. Kept quiet about it, as you do at that age and being in the local half the night before said dream, until we were half way down the bay, with gentle breezes and calm seas (Monsanto again,come a time I was getting reluctant to pass this onto the bridge, as all I got was will you look out of the windows Sparks and what do you see!!!!) shipping the green stuff and I though well there go today's meals until 2nd. enquired about my lack of presence down aft. Well this is where the tunnel was mentioned, went down and that's as far as I got.
You guys can laugh yor socks off, but it was down to the last cable tray bulkhead light etc. etc. No way Jose, till it flattened out.
There you go, good old days. Took a sentimental trip up the MSC on one of Liverpool's ferries last summer and even the steelworks at Irlam have gone.
Kind regards and continuing good health to all.

Sparks 29th March 2006 10:33

Hello Alistair, wouldn't be Blair by chance? Met on said c/Mcbride ferry way back in early seventies. If so was Sparks with you on Clarkeden in 1965. Kind regards, Jan Gray

athinai 28th June 2006 20:05

Anyone remember Ivanovich vessel "ORECREST" We Had many good visits to Port Talbot when on the Ore Charters in the Sixties, Fondest Memories of the Hotel on the Waterfront.,

Fairfield 28th June 2006 20:27

A lot of the old ore carriers went to Greeks and their charters were renegotiated with British Steel when Hunterston was delayed and they all came back to Glasgow with DAPO names!!!
Remember DUNKYLE became SUSIE and another old Denholm became ADY, GOTHLAND became DAPO SKY and caught fre when outbound from Glasgow and was scrapped at Faslane.
DAGHESTAN of Common Bros had about 2 or 3 renamings and came back under all of them!! Will need to look out some of these old stagers.

Les Gibson 28th June 2006 22:42

My first 2 ships were ore carriers; Afghanistan, and Iron Crown both Commons managed. I was electrician on them from Feb. 1962 until June (Afghanistan) and July 1962 until Feb.1963. (Iron Crown) Yes, did Vittoria, Sept. Isle, Monrovia, Bone, Even a doubleheader Newport - Monrovia - Piombino (Italy) Algiers- Cardiff . (They were too big at 15,000 DWT for Port Talbot) Fond memories of it all. I think I lost the plot a little after that, joined Bank line- 18 months later came home!. Strange to say my Mates were still holding the bar up in Hebburn Progressive club just as they were when I left. I think some of them had been there all the time. Ray Evans said " Didn't even know you'd been away Les, get them in" So I got them in!

john shaw 29th June 2006 20:47

Hi Calvin-- maybe we even sailed together?
I was a Deck cadet with W.A Souter from 1972, then (quickly) 3rd Mate from 1973. I was in the Dunstanburgh Castle several times-- I truly loved the old "DBC". I was also on "Longstone", "Bamburgh Castle", "Irish Wasa" (formerly "Sheaf Wear"),and my first ever ship was "Scottish Wasa" which I remember was formerly "Iron something", possibly "iron Crown" as mentioned by Les above. I stayed with Souters thru their various incarnations as Souter Hamlet etc, spending most of the late 70s in the "Solvent" Essberger parcels tankers, before my last few trips in the M.O.C. bulkers Equinox/Esplanade.I left the sea in 1985.

Good, and bad, memories of the old ore-carriers. I must sort all my old photos!

kepowee 5th November 2006 11:47

hi all has anybody got a photo of the tv morar ive been on lots of gallerys but cant seem to find one would be most gratefull ken powell

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