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Watts-Watts Greenwich 1908

Hello. I am new to this forum and I trust that I am doing the right thing, but I note that someone is writing a history of the Watts-Watts line and may be able to help me.
My real interest is learning more about he death of my Grandfather William Henry Bowdon ADSHEAD. He was the master of the Greenwich in 1908 and died at sea somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, probably just off the Galapagos Islands.
He married my Grandmother in Wilmslow in Dec 1906 and after 6 months sailed off in the Greenwich, and all she ever knew was a telegram received in May 1908 that he was dead. The relevant ships logs were sent to Newfoundland during WW2 and so far I have not been ableto locate a copy.
I have found an interesting USA Immigration record when the Greenwich called in at Seattle in Jan 1908 for Japan: 28 crew from all round the world and against 10 of them is stamped "Deserted".
I have just found an article in the Victoria BC Daily Colonist 30May 1908 about his death. Saying he was well known in Victoria and that his previous ship the steamer Hounslow was lost on the Costa Rican coast soon after she left Esqulmalt and he returned home.

Is it possible that someone on this forum can help me find any other sources of information about these incidents and the Watts-Watts company please ?

Best regards Gordon Adshead

Just in case anyone is interested I have a few (small) photos and a complete set of papers as my Grandfather served his apprenticeship [parchment - paid 5 after 4 years] and the commendation certificates and letters as he rose through the ranks of 3rd, 2nd, officer, mate etc.
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