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The third dimesion in the Drepanon Lloyds Register was the Draught. In the Grant's Pass Lloyds, it was the depth!

I feel sure I would have noticed if anything was added to the sides, because the ship was about four feet off the quay because of the fenders. There was no gangway, but a pilot ladder hanging down the side and made fast on the quay. It was very nerve wracking going across the sloping part of the ladder before going up the verical side in relative safety. In fact when the 2nd mate was halfway across, the ladder turned over leaving him hanging underneath it, but he managed to get up without falling off. If there had been a sponson attached to the side, I am sure we would have noticed it in view of the fact that we all looked down as well as up before going up the ladder.

I just wondered about the "widening" statement, as I had never heard of that sort of thing before.


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