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Bankline Menu Holder

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Old 17th January 2010, 12:45
kwg kwg is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
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Bankline Menu Holder

New to me, menu was as far as I can remember usually slipped between the tines of a fork.
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Old 17th January 2010, 14:47
K urgess K urgess is offline
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Probably off one of the white boats. Posh for passengers.
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Old 17th January 2010, 17:15
Alan Rawlinson's Avatar
Alan Rawlinson Alan Rawlinson is offline  
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Active: 1951 - 1999
Join Date: Dec 2008
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Can see it now - stuck on a fork, and starting - '' pea soup and sippits '' If there was mixed grill, the fridge had had a clean out!

On some Bankboats the apprentices were given the task of typing the menus, and we prided ourselves on the little flourish at the end, just after cheese and biscuits, looking like this --------------ooo OOO ooo------------------

Last edited by Alan Rawlinson : 17th January 2010 at 22:06.
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Old 17th January 2010, 18:00
kwg kwg is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 133
Always had a problem with the fry-up left out for the App & Mate on nights in port, nothing to fry it on, never knew how to fire up the galley stove, used the heavy duty pantry toaster...that was an art in itself.
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Old 18th January 2010, 01:30
Donald McGhee's Avatar
Donald McGhee Donald McGhee is offline  
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Organisation: Merchant Navy
Department: Deck
Active: 1964 - 1970
Join Date: Apr 2005
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Yep, fork tines were the thing then, menus were pretty much of a muchness, but the food was good. I don't think I ever was on a Bank boat where the food was anything but good.

Teviotbank had proper little holders, but I can't think what they were made of. Not silver or silver plate.
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Old 18th January 2010, 15:18
RayL RayL is offline  
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2008
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I use: -----ooo000ooo----- as a divider in my written work to this day and I thought I had made it up! Now I know where I first saw it! Thanks.
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Old 18th January 2010, 16:24
Alistair Macnab's Avatar
Senior Member
Organisation: Merchant Navy
Department: Deck
Active: 1953 - 1981
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All new ships were provided with little clear plastic clip-type menu holders with the houseflag embosed on them with 'Bank Line' under the flag. I don't recall that replacements were ever requisitioned and I imagine that these were good souvenir items for snaffling along with the crested teaspoons! The end result was, as has been said, a menu card held out on the end of a fork!
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