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S. William Coe & Co.Ltd.

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Old 28th May 2011, 19:12
BillH BillH is offline  
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S. William Coe & Co.Ltd.

I would be grateful if anyone can confirm the funnel colours used in the latter years.

I know that they had a deep blue base white band with red C but not sure if the top was black or the same deep blue stained with smoke.

I have discovered from Companies House records that the title has been used twice but Lloyd's information does not concur so I'm also trying to fathom out those conflicts of information if anyone can throw any light.

S. William Coe & Company Ltd. (1st use)

Company Number: 332716
Incorporation Date: Around 1935
Liquidated: 1944
Company Status: Dissolved No records available.
8.3.1944: W.J.Ireland appointed as Liquidator per London Gazette “Notice of Liquidation”

(1935 –1944)
(William J. Ireland, manager)
Liquidated 1944

Between 1944 and 1954 this company title did not exist according to Companies House records as quoted here with two different company numbers.

Lloyd’s Confidential Index 1946 edition states on the other hand that the original company was restructured rather than liquidated and indeed Lloyd’s Register of Shipping made no change of S. W. Coe vessel ownership in that period.

I personally would regard Companies House as the correct version.

S. William Coe & Company Ltd. (2nd use)

Company Number: 547441
Incorporation Date: Around 1954
Company Status: Dissolved - 1980

(1954 - 1955).
(Cyril G. Abel, Managing Director)
(William J. Ireland, Director)

(1955 - 1980)
(within the Booker Group)

1980 Company was dissolved.
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Old 28th May 2011, 22:05
joebuckham's Avatar
joebuckham joebuckham is offline  
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under booker mc connell 'marinart' have blue funnel, white band containing red 'c'.
lifes a reach, and then you gybe
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Old 29th May 2011, 08:03
BillH BillH is offline  
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 3,106
Originally Posted by joebuckham View Post
under booker mc connell 'marinart' have blue funnel, white band containing red 'c'.
Thanks Joe
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Old 25th March 2016, 22:41
Anthony John Sykes Anthony John Sykes is offline  
Organisation: Coasters
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Active: 1960 - 2009
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Post ref S William Coe and Co Ltd

I worked for this super company for 16 years in their office in 709 Tower Buildings Water St, Liverpool, then on the fourth floor, same buildings, finally 601, 6th floor, overlooking the River Mersey, same building, we moved to Bookers in Martins Bank Building, Water St Liverpool I believe in about 1974 I left in 1976, happiest days of my life and my first job!!!

Coe's also incorporated John S Sellers, William Thomas and Co (chartering)Ltd, we all worked together

When I started in 1960, there were lots of little other companies under Coe's umbrella and Cyril Abel was part of ABS INVESTMENTS, Mr Geoffrey Thornley Smth was in Coes when I started as a Director and what a lovely kind man he was too.

Young Mr David Burnley taught me a lot of the work done in Coes, another great guy.

I had woring holidays on the Silverthorn, Maythorn, and Firethorn.

I often went on board the Bann Boats too, s.s. Banntrader, Bannpride and Bannrose.Oil lamps in the accomodation intrigued me, the engine has electric from a small jenny, coffee made from superheated steam pipes,,, lovely..
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