News and Views from the Shipping World

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  1. Rena repercussions [ODIN]
  2. Boxship allided with mega-boxship, Maas [ODIN]
  3. Disabled bulk carrier anchored off Wash coast [ODIN]
  4. Vietnamese freighter detained for bunker debt, Mongla [ODIN]
  5. Freighter disabled and towed to safety, Norway [ODIN]
  6. m/v Blida – bad news and good news [ODIN]
  7. Hijack of the Greek tanker Energy Centurion, Master’s report [ODIN]
  8. Somali pirates released Greek bulk carrier Free Goddess [ODIN]
  9. Spanish freighter Terry Tres aground, Capo Verde [ODIN]
  10. Statistics of pirated and released vessels and crews 2010 – 2012, Oct 13 2012 [ODIN
  11. Tanker Grigoriy Bugrov with 6000 mt of oil sank in Caspian sea [ODIN]
  12. Daily Shipping News worth notice [ODIN]
  13. Poten & Partners and the risk of piracy [ODIN]
  14. Freighter Linda grounding closed Volga – Caspian sea Canal [ODIN]
  15. Vinashinlines freighter Diamond Way stuck in UAE with unpaid dues and other debts [OD
  16. Are the checks for intoxication a regular procedure in Kiel Canal? [ODIN]
  17. Offshore rescue vessel Esvagt Corona aground and refloated, Denmark [ODIN]
  18. Boxship aground, Chittagong [ODIN]
  19. Crew chopped Master and Engineer, and feeded the remains to sharks [ODIN]
  20. Nigerian pirates released m/t Cape Bird [ODIN]
  21. Daily Shipping News worth notice [ODIN]
  22. Fate of the crew of m/v Leopard is unclear with owner’s insolvency [ODIN]
  23. Surprise, surprise! [ODIN]
  24. Cruiser in Collision with Nuclear Sub
  25. Is AIS stuck?
  26. Serco/Northlink announces redundancies
  27. Helicopter Ditching
  28. Third death on "Sage Sagittarius" in six weeks.
  29. HMS Bounty replica has been abandoned at sea and is sinking
  30. Napoleon Bonaparte
  31. Mischievous Seamen
  32. Murmansk goes Scandinavian
  33. Any shipping forums dedicated to the River Mersey shipping
  34. Vessal under tow river mersey 20/11/12 midday.
  35. Business KelvinHughes Charts for sale
  36. Gas leak on cargo ship
  37. Cargo ship feared lost after collision off Dutch coast
  38. Bulk Carrier upset at Deltaport
  39. Marco polo
  40. Costa Pacifica
  41. Kingswear Castle Is Coming Home
  42. Al Mareekh for Scrap at Alang
  43. Balmoral - Will Not Sail In 2013
  44. Well thats that then!
  45. German banks and Shipping
  46. QE2 to go for scrap
  47. ABP says Grimsby is fishing vessels allowed
  48. Drilling ship ship Kulluk
  49. Tug in trouble off Devon
  50. Destroyers for sale
  51. NUCLEAR SHIPS: New Job opportunity for european seafarers?
  52. U.S. Navy Ship Aground
  53. 2012 : A cruise year for Piraeus!
  54. Rescue in Antarctica
  55. ARA 'Santisima Trinidad' sinking alongside.
  56. ex Arg war ship taking water
  57. Hurtigruten's expedition cruise ship Fram trapped in ice
  58. Princess Victoria Tragedy
  59. New Chinese cruise ship strikes bridge
  60. Costa Allegra at Aliaga
  62. Saga Ruby Final World Cruise Delayed
  63. SD 14.......end of an era.?
  64. Emma Maersk in some trouble
  65. Astor joins the CMV Fleet!
  66. What happened to all the "- Marus"?
  67. Five dead as lifeboat crashes from Thomson Majesty
  68. Pirates attack British cargo ship
  69. Carnival Triumph engine room fire
  70. MV Arita Bauxite Myanmar sinks
  71. Oil spill
  72. Triple E
  73. Titanic - again !
  74. Sea Shepherd v Japanese Whalers
  75. Lyubov Orlova found drifting in N atlantic
  76. Excellent set of photos of the QE2 in Dubai dry dock
  77. Diamond Princess..'Jet Engines' !
  78. Arctic Convoy (and Bomber Command) medals
  79. Shipping Accident - Singapore Straits -03/02/2012
  80. The French are coming!!
  81. Marco Polo hits underwater object
  82. French Justice at its best?
  83. Danio aground Farne Islands
  84. Mal de Debarquement
  85. 11 killed as boxship capsizes.
  86. Triple-E Build on Discovery Channel
  87. Palmer and'Titanic"
  88. HMS Argyll to the rescue
  89. South China Sea collision, 18 March
  90. PLA activity in the South China Sea
  91. Parked at the Mouse
  92. Carnival Triumph drifting around Mobile?
  93. Six Nato warships to sail into Liverpool this weekend for visit
  94. Atlantic Confidence in trouble off Oman
  95. IHS Safety at Sea Awards 2013
  96. CalMac, here we go again
  97. Bad Day on the Big Muddy:
  98. Bulk Carrier boarded by Greenpeace
  99. Missing Crew
  100. Union Transport Ltd
  101. Cruelty to exported Aussie animals in Egypt
  102. Stena Voyager
  103. Jolly Nero Colides with Genoa Port control tower.
  104. Sinking of M/V Ocean Breeze
  105. atlantic cartier.
  106. Grounded cruise ship
  107. Wind Energy
  108. Tug Jascon 4 sunk
  109. Nicaragua Canal
  110. Quest, Mighty Ships
  111. Cebu Roll On Roll Off Ferry Sinks
  112. MV Mol Comfort splits in two and sinks
  113. Stena ferry mishap
  114. Missing U.S. yacht "Nina"
  115. accident in Norway
  116. QE2 on the move... perhaps.
  117. Master Corsa Concordia goes on trial
  118. US Coast Guard, BSEE respond to loss of well control in the Gulf of Mexico
  119. Shipping magnate Sten A Olsson died at 96 years of age
  120. Biggest Ship in the World sets sail on Maiden voyage
  121. HANSA BRANDENBURG burning
  122. Cuban arms shipment to North Korea
  123. Dutch tallship 'Astrid' aground
  124. Latest Cruise ship protest in Venice.
  125. pacific pride harrisons clyde
  126. Circa 1917 Ashland WI iron ore dock being torn down
  127. Spoof GPS
  128. Sea Diamond
  129. Sandy Woodward crosses the bar
  130. Cargo Ship On The Rocks
  131. Captain K Dancy
  132. Philippines ferry sinks MV Thomas Aquinas
  133. Confession of a First Tripper
  134. 150,000t coal carrier breaks back
  135. Ferry Master Jailed
  136. Captain W Box crossed the bar
  137. Helicopter Ditches west of Shetland
  138. Coronia runs aground at Scarborough
  139. Norwegian lifeboat
  140. Suez Canal Ship Attack Foiled
  141. Ol' Man's Grump !
  142. Greenpeace Vessel Boarded
  143. Veterans honoured at Merchant Navy stamp launch
  144. Renaissance of liner travel to Australia
  145. Normandie Fire
  146. Five die as ships collide off Japan
  147. Lloyds List
  148. Another 'Duck' in trouble
  149. Maersk Alabama - lawsuit issued
  150. Ferry sinks after fire !!
  151. Australian Navy Centenary
  152. At Least 7 Dead After Tanker Explosion In China
  153. News Item: Maersk holds special screening of "Captain Phillips" for Navy Personnel
  154. P.S Waimarie.
  155. U.S. Owned Ship Detained in India
  156. Piracy
  157. USS Zumwalt - Just Hit The Water - merged threads
  158. MNOPF- Lump Sum
  159. RN Officer guilty of Yacht/ tanker collision
  160. Arbroath Lifeboat Disaster
  161. The end of an era: NOAA TO STOP PRINTING PAPER CHARTS
  162. Cruise ships too big?
  164. New Thames Port Opens
  165. London Gateway
  166. Festival of Remembrance
  167. P3 alliances - impacts to industry
  168. Donald Duckling - Tyne Brand - merged threads
  170. MARAD Report on Panama Canal Post Expansion Requirements US Ports
  171. Close Encounter
  172. LPG tanker on fire
  173. As if ship's masters don't have enough to do already:
  174. Academic Shokalaskly Icebound
  175. Slow Television
  176. North Sea passenger ferry hit by fire
  177. MSC Monterey
  178. Freak Wave TV Programme
  179. Adrift
  180. Collision off Korea Ignites Chemicals Onboard
  181. India Moves on Five More Port Projects
  182. Panama Canal Dispute
  183. Euronav Expected to Buy Maersk Tankers' VLCC Fleet
  184. Tanker In Trouble
  185. Holland America Line With Princess In New Group
  186. New free-to-use website ""
  187. Foreign fishermen off north Cornwall
  188. Life-boats
  189. A Modern Day Marie Celeste ?
  190. National Maritime Museum Greenwich
  191. Ostend Spirit (previously Pride of Calais)
  192. Seven Killed in Tanker Explosion
  193. Stella Maris Seafarers Club, Australia
  194. ESNAAD 715 sinks off Finisterre Cape
  195. Spanish cargo ship "Luno" aground and broken up outside Bayonne (France)
  196. Wave Kills Man On Marco Polo
  197. Svendborg Maersk
  198. Two Guards Dead
  199. GIBRALTAR: Cargo vessel Norstar listed portside
  200. Marine Inquiry
  201. Trailer for an expensive DVD re containerisation
  202. Arctic
  203. Whatever next?
  204. 'HMCS Protecteur' suffers Engine Room fire
  205. And it was all going so well.......
  206. atlantic cartier
  207. Morning Glory - merged threads
  208. Spring has sprung at the Head of the Lakes
  209. Queen Mary 2 Pictures
  210. HMS Enterprise at Cardiff 2014
  211. Man overboard recovered fromClipper Round The World Yacht
  212. Lifeboat conversion anybody?
  213. Car Carrier collides with Spanish f/v off Vigo - merged threads
  214. Hansa container ship grounding in Hong Kong today
  215. Cook Strait Ferries
  216. Lifeboat falls onto crewman
  217. New "Destroyer":
  218. MV Wilson Gdynia has lost steering in a force eight gale off the coast of Scotland
  219. Titanic: On this day 1912
  220. South Korean Ferry SEWOL sinks - merged threads
  221. Chittagong in National Geographic
  222. Liverpool 2 Container Terminal
  223. Container ship adrift
  224. Heroin and Alcohol Killed Two Armed Guards On Maersk Alabama
  225. Iron Ore Ship Seized
  226. Who owns the Sea Breeze?
  227. Spanish Sea Patrol Arao at work
  228. Vessels collide near Hong Kong
  229. Dockwise Vangaurd V2
  230. Cargo Transatlantic travel, Spain - U.S.
  231. Empress of Ireland
  232. Ship Handling.
  233. Yachtsmen lost in N. Atlantic - merged threads
  234. Costa Deliziosa electric breakdown at Valencia
  235. Scots Fishermen Rescued
  236. Goole Accident
  237. Rolls-Royce plans remote-controlled ships.
  238. Container ship runs aground.
  239. Rest in Peace Captain
  240. dredger Shoreway and yacht Orca collision off Felixstowe
  241. Hong Kong Macau Jetfoil accident
  242. Dredging Tax in all Mozambique ports
  243. Maybe Now Is The Time
  244. IMO Declares 25 June as "International Day of the Seafarer"
  245. Detained Car Carrier Heads for Turkish Shipbreaker
  246. britain from above
  247. Netherland Cruise Ship Floods: 194 evacuated
  248. You want anchovies on that?
  249. Commodore Clipper strikes seabed
  250. Casino Boat "Escapade" hard aground