News and Views from the Shipping World

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  1. Trawler Gaul - the cover up and the formal investigation
  2. SS United States
  3. Oil transfer 'breaches directive' (BBC News)
  4. Refit of navy ship RFA Argus ends (BBC News)
  5. Greenpeace disrupt fishing boat (BBC News)
  6. GIRL PAT:SPY SHIP or Fishing Boat?
  7. Technical fault halts cruise ship (BBC News)
  8. Scrubber cuts ship exhaust fumes (BBC News)
  9. Alaskan cruise ship runs aground (BBC News)
  10. Sea Princess Cruise Cancelled
  11. farstad ship aground
  12. Royal Navy ship in £28m drug bust (BBC News)
  13. pirates steal ship
  14. Mini Titanic 'shipwrecked' row (BBC News)
  15. 'I beat pirates with a hose and sonic cannon' (BBC News)
  16. Nostalgia Exploitation
  17. Ship back home after year away (BBC News)
  18. Record wreck 'found off Cornwall' (BBC News)
  19. Falklands veteran recalls battle (BBC News)
  20. How to find a treasure trove (BBC News)
  21. Merchant ship 'returns' to London (BBC News)
  22. Why is a subscription to Lloyds List so expensive?
  23. Cutty Sark - the fire and aftermath
  24. Obese tourist airlifted from ship (BBC News)
  25. Missed the boat
  26. Cruise passengers left stranded (BBC News)
  27. Rhapsody / Ruby ???
  28. Work starts to stop the TS Kellington sinking (BBC News)
  29. Tourists return to storm-hit ship (BBC News)
  30. Discovery hull 'safe' from worms (BBC News)
  31. Tests on illness-hit cruise ship (BBC News)
  32. Navy destroyer linked to Cardiff (BBC News)
  33. Hospital ship arrives in Africa (BBC News)
  34. Oil firm fined after man's death (BBC News)
  35. What's so bad about replicas? (BBC News)
  36. Busy cruising weekend for island (BBC News)
  37. Lusitania
  38. Chiquita International Sells Fleet
  39. Paperwork!
  40. My, how things have changed...
  41. Cruise ships could boost visitors (BBC News)
  42. Nine 'ghost ships' hopes dashed (BBC News)
  43. Spain sues over shipwreck bonanza (BBC News)
  44. Navy to uncover Clyde's secrets (BBC News)
  45. Collector's All
  46. Surviving a Falklands 'suicide' mission (BBC News)
  47. 'Red Plum' given freedom of city (BBC News)
  48. Murder inquiry after pensioner dies on Thames boat
  49. Big 14 cylinder engine!
  50. People invited to tour navy ship (BBC News)
  51. Navy help mark wartime exhibition (BBC News)
  52. Blyth a coal shipping port.
  53. Report into fatal cruise accident (BBC News)
  54. Shipworker's family win damages (BBC News)
  55. Sailor hurt after Queen's visit (BBC News)
  56. Some Interesting Rough Weather video links
  57. Red Funnel Ferries
  58. Event highlights maritime safety (BBC News)
  59. Pasha Bulker aground at Newcastle (NSW)
  60. Fishery protection vessel rethink (BBC News)
  61. Child Dies In Channel
  62. Falklands veterans honour UK dead (BBC News)
  63. woooooooooopsss
  64. In Pictures: Navy ship sets sail (BBC News)
  65. QE2 Sold To Dubai World To Begin A New Life At The Palm
  66. Company wins 'ghost ship' battle (BBC News)
  67. Colourful history of famous ship (BBC News)
  68. HMS Royal Oak
  69. Lyme Bay - Destination on AIS is AMS
  70. employment
  71. Missionary ship in harbour crash (BBC News)
  72. Amistad ship retraces slave route (BBC News)
  73. Report criticises cargo ship crew (BBC News)
  74. Tug skipper missing
  75. Freedom of city for HMS Endurance (BBC News)
  76. QE2 Last Beautiful Ship (Guardian 23/06/07)
  77. Cargo ship loses power in gales (BBC News)
  78. Weather keeps Tall Ship in port (BBC News)
  79. Brunei warships to go on sale
  80. Atlantic Sea Hunter - capsized in Taiwan
  81. Crewman Missing
  82. Australia to refloat beached ship (BBC News)
  83. Sold Out
  84. Yacht and cargo ship in collision (BBC News)
  85. Crew evacuated from Bourbon ship off the coast of Congo.
  86. The return of the Viking warship (BBC News)
  87. Cross-Channel freight ferry plan (BBC News)
  88. Assault warship sails into city (BBC News)
  89. Two injured in fire on navy ship (BBC News)
  90. The Elbe
  91. Warship that is designed to sink (BBC News)
  92. Fishing Boat Scuttled
  93. Engine failure (again)
  94. Timber cargoes. Ships arriving in listing condition
  95. 14 airlifted from stricken yacht
  96. Viking ship sets sail for Ireland (BBC News)
  97. Aboard an Admiralty Made Coffin (BBC News)
  98. secret stealth ship
  99. Robin Rigg Windfarm Solway Firth
  100. Coastal Cargoes
  101. Ex-offender takes to the seas (BBC News)
  102. Ship's master 'asleep' at wheel (BBC News)
  103. Viking voyage: The crew's diary (BBC News)
  104. Ships Lifeboats
  105. Warship HMS Clyde is commissioned (BBC News)
  106. firth of forth spill
  107. new patrol craft
  108. Largest cruise ship for Holyhead (BBC News)
  109. Vessel's crew stranded after fire
  110. Celebrity Cruises - Millenium hits rocks
  111. Devonport under withdrawal threat (BBC News)
  112. explosion fear on ship
  113. Airport threatens Africa route to Ascension Island
  114. Dozens missing on Indonesia ship (BBC News)
  115. Fuel aid bound for North Korea (BBC News)
  116. capsised ro-ro
  117. Review into inter-island shipping (BBC News)
  118. Trawler sinking in St. Georges Channel
  119. Naval Friday 13th myth unfounded (BBC News)
  120. Ship back after drug haul success (BBC News)
  121. Fuel tanker reaches North Korea (BBC News)
  122. 'Jules Vernes' set for sea voyage (BBC News)
  123. UK Arrivals
  124. S Korean ship 'sinks off Iran' (BBC News)
  125. P&O Pacific Star
  126. Viking ship attempts sea crossing (BBC News)
  127. British-flagged tanker in CATS pipeline damage probe
  128. Becalmed Viking ship takes a tow (BBC News)
  129. HMS Daring sets sail for trials (BBC News)
  130. Death ship 'should have delayed' (BBC News)
  131. DENDEN sinks off Mangalore - local heroes
  132. Sailor sectioned over ship attack (BBC News)
  133. One Dead Another Missing From RIB
  134. Nora Maersk causes a stir whilst under going repairs in Auckland
  135. Plan to boost cruise ship visits (BBC News)
  136. Fresh bid to save historic ship (BBC News)
  137. Ships to get vomiting bug guide (BBC News)
  138. Oil Rigs Merger
  139. MP's expecting Defence Statement in Commons..
  140. Tall ships head for city festival (BBC News)
  141. Russian North Pole mission stalls (BBC News)
  142. Sword from Mary Rose on display (BBC News)
  143. Congratulations Ma'am
  144. Whale swimming in shipping river (BBC News)
  145. Tall ships head for city festival (BBC News)
  146. Legionnaires' fear on cruise ship (BBC News)
  147. ferry holed in harbour accident
  148. Honour bid for youngest war hero (BBC News)
  149. USNS Amelia Earhart's New Engine Falls off Truck
  150. Titanic Baby
  151. Ulstein X Bow
  152. Russian sub reaches Arctic floor (BBC News)
  153. Minke Whale in Fraserburgh harbour..
  154. Blue Ensign
  155. Crew held after ship hits gas rig (BBC News)
  156. Deadliest Catch T.V programme
  157. 'Kursk' documentary History Channel - re-opening old wounds
  158. Titanic Time!
  159. Historic tall ship may leave UK (BBC News)
  160. Steam Stern Wheeler Delta Queen To Be Retired Next Year
  161. Charter rates
  162. There's no pleasing some people...
  163. A question that's driving me nuts.
  164. Viking ship visits island harbour (BBC News)
  165. Oldies doing a young lads job.
  166. Amistad tour ship arrives in UK (BBC News)
  167. Black Pearl makes city stopover (BBC News)
  168. Britons injured by Arctic glacier (BBC News)
  169. Wind Power
  170. Switzerland counts cost of floods (BBC News)
  171. Ferry in collision off Istanbul (BBC News)
  172. Black Pearl visits Cumbrian port (BBC News)
  173. Fastnet Yachts Turn Back
  174. Interesting film footage
  175. Viking ship ends voyage in Dublin (BBC News)
  176. Spanish ship crew in pay dispute (BBC News)
  177. Fisherman missing in the Moray Firth
  178. Wage row fishing boat 'arrested' (BBC News)
  179. Not the HMAS Sydney
  180. Hollywood pirate ship visits dock (BBC News)
  181. Dover Strait U-boat to be moved (BBC News)
  182. Amistad ship sails into city dock (BBC News)
  183. Royal Navy ship tracks hurricane (BBC News)
  184. Crew rescued as ship hits rocks (BBC News)
  185. New Navy ship bound for Falklands (BBC News)
  186. Navy fires on poachers
  187. Indonesian Sailing Ship Ashore
  188. Dockyard wins 30m Ocean contract (BBC News)
  189. Famous tall ship comes to London (BBC News)
  190. Dive to film Titanic rescue ship (BBC News)
  191. Renewal milestone for River Cart (BBC News)
  192. Slave ship arrives back in city (BBC News)
  193. Scientists study Arctic climate (BBC News)
  194. Wage dispute ship leaves harbour (BBC News)
  195. Tall ships plan for city festival (BBC News)
  196. ITV local
  197. Ships collide off Israeli coast (BBC News)
  198. Navy tanker to have 5m upgrade (BBC News)
  199. *EXCLUSIVE* - Thames Clippers new catamarans arrive in London!!Dear Members
  200. Norwegian Cruise Lines to get new finance?
  201. Panama Canal expansion underway (BBC News)
  202. Fisherman dies in fall from boat
  203. Pirate ship on cash-raising quest (BBC News)
  204. Man tells of Arctic injury ordeal (BBC News)
  205. Coastguard saves two in distress (BBC News)
  206. Live animal trade protest at port (BBC News)
  207. The latest wind power effort
  208. Clyde memorial for Russian ship (BBC News)
  209. Cargo ship runs aground on Sanda (BBC News)
  210. QE2 liner breaks down on cruise
  211. Canoeist 'possibly hit by ship' (BBC News)
  212. Liverpool Liner Terminal
  213. Viking ship 'buried beneath pub' (BBC News)
  214. Gold Mine
  215. A tricky situation to be in.
  216. Tamil Tiger 'smuggling lines hit' (BBC News)
  217. Indian court clears 'toxic' ship (BBC News)
  218. QE2 - delayed after launching..
  219. Hindu groups oppose canal project (BBC News)
  220. Irish fishing vessel Jess A Dahn lost - crew safe
  221. New Buildings
  222. New Ship for the Channel Islands
  223. Aratere Heavy Weather Report
  224. Inquiry set for ghost ships plans (BBC News)
  225. Gang convicted of top car thefts (BBC News)
  226. Warming opens Northwest Passage (BBC News)
  227. Ship sinks in Black Sea
  228. Useful Link.
  229. 'Red carpet' welcome for QE2 ship (BBC News)
  230. Crew safe after rig rescue effort
  231. Napoli villagers get Lottery cash (BBC News)
  232. Black Prince having problems!
  233. Tall ship on first visit to city (BBC News)
  234. French police put crew of collision ship on wanted list
  235. HMS Staffa
  236. Men injured in offshore incident
  237. Campaign to save paddle steamer
  238. Coulombi Egg Tanker
  239. QE2 back on Clyde after 40 years (BBC News)
  240. Liverpool plays host to iconic QE2 (BBC News)
  241. Blog is navy life 'warts and all' (BBC News)
  242. Queen Victoria
  243. Australian Navy Benefits
  244. Nato show of strength off Somalia (BBC News)
  245. Titanic key sold for 90,000
  246. Viking Islay
  247. Grand Turk
  248. RCL's Jewel of the Seas in Southampton
  249. Shipbuilding Boom
  250. Saipem 7000 fatality