Hello From Canada

Eleanor Fraser
20th February 2015, 23:02
Hello from the west coast of Canada.

I arrived here to see if I could find information on the S S Laughton as one of my Grandmother's brothers was on her last voyage. I am interested in any information on the Simpson family of Longside Scotland.

21st February 2015, 07:30
On behalf of the 'SN Modertating Team', welcome aboard Eleanor.

Hopefully, someone wil be able to help with the information you are seeking. Good luck (Thumb)

21st February 2015, 07:58
Welcome the site Eleanor from a close neighbour (Nanaimo) I can't help with your particular enquiry, but hopefully some one can. (Thumb)

21st February 2015, 16:00
Greetings Eleanor and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

21st February 2015, 18:01
The SS Laughton you refer to may be this one:
Launched 14.8.1882 and completed in October of that year by Sir Raylton Dixon & Co., Middlesbrough, for NV Stoomvaart Mij Rotterdam, (Wm. Ruys & Son), Rotterdam as Noord Braband. 2,493 grt, LBP 300' 6", Breadth 40' 4", construction - iron. Propelled by a 2 Cyl. Compound steam engine driving a single screw shaft, built by T. Richardson & Sons, Hartlepool. 10 knots service speed. Sold in 1891 to the Commercial SS Co Ltd, London, and renamed Laughton. Sold again in 1893 to B. J. Sutherland & Co., Newcastle; name unchanged. 1895 owners restyled Sutherland S.S. Co. Ltd., Newcastle.
23/01/1899 she sailed from Newport News while on passage New Orleans for Copenhagen with general cargo and nothing further was heard from her. She was later posted missing and assumed to have foundered, position unknown. All 45 souls aboard were presumed to have drowned.
If I've got the right ship I hope the information helps.

Eleanor Fraser
21st February 2015, 18:57
Yes, that is the one. Thank you very much for the information. My Grandmother's brother was on the ship at that time. This has helped me open up some information on my hunt for family history. Thanks again!

21st February 2015, 23:26
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

22nd February 2015, 09:52
Glad I could help. Good luck with the family history project.