9th December 2004, 13:16
Taken in Glasgow in July 1976 towards the end of her P&O days.EASTERN ACADEMY pic in the Gallery as too big for here.

9th December 2004, 19:17
The Blue Peter's up!! Now that's a sight rarely seen these days.

3rd April 2005, 06:32
Shame the pic does not show her in the glory days with NZSCo. Those P & O colours were dreadful compared with the Fedral Funnel. Many happy memories as an Eng Cadet.

1st June 2005, 19:17
I've put a pic of the "Otaio" in the Gallery, which you might like. A winter scene taken in Lyttelton, June 59. The other NZS ship is the "Wharanui", which I was on at the time as 2nd R/O


3rd June 2005, 16:59
In 1964, along with a party of students from Northeastern School of Wireless Telegraphy, Bridlington, I visited "Otaio" in Hull, accompanied by insturctor John Palethorpe, a former Radio Officer on the ship. What a fine time we had and it was interesting to discover, a few years later, that everything the lads told us was true! What Mr Palethorpe told me about Fiji was even more true - if you're out there John - Good one!

John T.