Coaster Abbreviation Puzzle?

15th February 2007, 19:17
Can anyone cast light on the abbreviation 'Coaster R.Q.D.' or 'Cargo R.Q.'?

These abbreviations appear in a build list for coasters up to 160ft built at the John Lewis yard, Aberdeen between 1917 - 1939. My colleague Graham Toward is researching the yard and was wondering if anyone can provide an explanation.



leslie alan
15th February 2007, 22:46
Billy, RQD means that a coaster had a Raised Quarter Deck with a forward lower hatch and deck with a higher (and normally longer) hatch and hold - as opposed to a single line of hatches and holds known as a Flushdecker. If you look on the Coasters Gallery at the Dutch SANTA LUCIA photograph, you will see a perfect example of a Raised Quarter Decker!

Hope it helps,


16th February 2007, 17:31
Many thanks for that information which I'll pass on to Graham.