Bennevis Football Team 1967

17th February 2007, 20:23
Anyone recognise any of the players ? We won the seafarerers cup against the Benattow in Bangkok after beating about 6 teams from various countries.

17th February 2007, 20:36
Last one didn't attach . . .!

Dave Woods
17th February 2007, 21:20
I was on Bennevis at the end of 1967. I recognise the one on the left standing by himself. He was the 4th Engineer, I do not know his name but he was known as Willy Wong because of his command of Chinese. I believe he was from Glasgow.

17th February 2007, 21:58
Spot on Willie Wong _ Willie Hunter - 4 th. Engineer. What did you sail as, I cannot remember you .

Dave Woods
17th February 2007, 23:44
I was the 2nd R/O, Ray Burn was the chief. He paid off with Appendicitis in Singapore and re joined in Penang.

18th February 2007, 00:25
I was the 2nd R/O, Ray Burn was the chief. He paid off with Appendicitis in Singapore and re joined in Penang.

Yes I remember you now. Yes Ray was off for a couple of weeks and you were very nervous but did an exeptional job . I was Billy Sinclair a Cadet at the time standing to the right of the goalie- Do you remember any others ???

18th February 2007, 00:34
Beeing Picky now it was Ray Byrne from Dublin !!! LOL

Dave Woods
18th February 2007, 10:56

Sorry to say I can only recognise Willy, was he the referee as he is resplendent in white shorts, socks and shoes.

I do remember some names, the old man was McFee (first trip as I recall) the chief officer Jimmy with the white patch of hair. The Chief Engineer was Bell (did he not pass away shortly afterwards). The fifth engineer was a very tall lad from the North East on his first trip. Perhaps I am having a senior moment but was the 3rd Officer from Malaya.

The saloon steward was Hugo with whom Willy always had a lot of banter in Chinese, he had a mole on his cheek from which a great wad of hair was growing.

Then there were the passengers.

One elderly lady going to join her husband in Malaya.

The young couple who had just got married and were going to Bangkok to the British Embassy. There was a dock strike in London and their baggage was not loaded as it was designated Cargo not required on voyage, so they had little to wear. She won the first prize in the Benline high jump coming from the outside deck and jumping over the high storm step. The old man spent all night stitching her up. If my memory serves me correctly a poem or some sort of joke was posted on the notice board, to which her husband took exception and threatened to have the old man hung drawn and quartered if the culprit was not punished.
Among the homeward bound passengers was Viscount Etherington, who got very bored with doing nothing and turned too with the crew to paint the decks.

18th February 2007, 21:19
I remember it well !! The young couple we gave our spare shorts and shirts ,shorts and Mable Ma's pants to wear. Aye tke Captain was Bob Maac Phee from Aberdeen and the Chief Officer was Jimmy Walterson from Whalsay in Shetland. I remember the hurdlining event - was it not Geordie Bell the Chief Engineer trying to fly down the stairs ??
The Lady I remember well she used to come out and chip te decks with us Cadets!!

5th June 2007, 00:10
What I remember,
Back roow Left to Right - Willie Hunter, 2nd Mate??,Me,
Alisdair MacDonald, Ho Kam For, Cook.
Front Row Left to Right - Jack Nagle, J. Fraser,
Davie Jamieson, ??? ,W. Smeaton