s.s. Surat in Hong Kong 1966

Doug Rogers
10th December 2004, 04:20
P&O ss Surat at the Fairway Buoys Hong Kong in 1966 awaiting berthing at Kowloon. Hong Kong was under Category 3 Typhoon alert and some hours after we berthed they decided that the Typhoon was heading directly for the Colony and they cleared the harbour..apart from three ships alongside the Finger Wharves at Kowloon..of which Surat was one!!

10th December 2004, 14:09
She was Barclay/curle 1948 build with a sister COMORIN previous name SINGAPORE,little difference with SOMALI and SOUDAN ,for the taller funnel.
They were scrapped end 70s.

Doug Rogers
10th December 2004, 20:01
Yes they were good ships, quite fast for their day, we used to clip along a bit over 19 knots on the Far Eastern service. She ended up on the putty one dark winter night transiting the Formosa Strait but fortunately did very little damage. I think she also had the prototype Thorncroft funnel which was later incorporated into some of her sisters and fleet mates.
I enjoyed my time on her, good ship to be on, they just dont make em like that any more.

24th August 2005, 03:47
They Certainly Were Fine Ships Did A Continent On Soudan.which If I Remember Rightly Had Amanifold Explosion Killing Fridge Eng.does Any One
Recall Which Had The Tap In The Beer Line To Passengers Lounge Behind Toilet Cabinet 3engs Cabin.

Doug Rogers
24th August 2005, 05:56
Doesnt ring any bells, only explosion I can think of was in the fridge flat on Himalaya, very early 60's, killed the !st Freezer and badly injured one of the other Engineers?.

24th August 2005, 13:56
Does anybody have P&O fleet lists of late 50's (crew) that they could post on site.?

11th August 2013, 20:39
Anyone remember John Noakes? He was my father and served at officer level on at least the below ships in the late 1960's. Would love to here from anyone who knew him and have lads of cool photos to share from his time at P&O.

Strathardle, Strahbrora, Oriana, SS Singapore, Mantua, SS Surat