Broompark (III)

2nd March 2015, 15:17
A good image of the 'Broompark' in St Lawrence ice April 1960

2nd March 2015, 23:21
good day airds, looking vessel.excellent photo,thank you for posting regards ben27

Kaiser Bill
2nd March 2015, 23:39
The way ships were. this is what nostalgia is all about. Thanks for posting.

John Cassels
3rd March 2015, 09:13
Yes , she was a nice looking ship. Nearly had the chance to join her but ended
up on the Arisaig instead !.

4th March 2015, 00:11
I did a year on her slightly older sister.

Stephen J. Card
4th March 2015, 02:56
I still have the wheelhouse clock! As EASTERN MARINER was about to sink off Bermuda the Harbour Master managed to get the clock off the bulkhead. The water was coming over the bulwarks and HM had to jump into the waiting pilot boat. ( a few photos of sinking on SN fgallery). Years later I was new HM and the retiring HM gave me the clock. Sadly, not in working condition, but still I nice memento.

17th September 2015, 04:38

I was recently forwarded a feature of the Port Campbell and sisters written by Alan Blackwood. The name rung a bell and I have dug out an image which I will attach with Alan and other officers including myself and the other apprentice, George Morrison, taken by the Hong Kong Bar owner while the Broompark was in Penang in 1965. I do not recall the names of the other officers, but perhaps if anyone knows Alan's whereabouts they can pass on.

Incidentally the image is still stuck on the wall of the Hong Kong bar in case anyone is passing through Penang!

17th September 2015, 06:39
The name Broompark rings a bell with me over a protracted wharf dispute in Auckland probably in the 1960's. Wharf labourers claimed the hatch planks were too heavy for one man and they wanted an extra man in the gang. The dispute was lengthy and farmers wanted their produce, probably wool to be loaded. A local newspaper photographed a middle aged farmer lifting and holding a plank single handed and managing it in a strong wind. I cannot remember the outcome but Broompark was the ship.

8th November 2015, 19:53
A good image of the 'Broompark' in St Lawrence ice April 1960

Was 2nd mate on her at that time. That's me waving from the bridge(Thumb)

Jim Currie

8th November 2015, 20:39
The Broompark was one of the nine ships lost by J. and J. Denholm Ltd. The following is extracted from SHIPPING COMPANY LOSSES OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR.

BROOMPARK (Captain J.L. Sinclair). Bound for New York from the Tyne, sailed in Convoy ON.113 which left Liverpool on 17 July, 1942. Torpedoed and damaged by U.552 (Kptlt. Erich Topp) shortly before 4am on the 25th, in position 4902N 4026W. Sank at 6am on the 28th when being towed to St. John’s, NF, by the tug USS Cherokee. Four died. Forty-five picked up by the corvette HMCS Brandon (Lt. J.C. Littler) and landed at St. John’s. For details of other ships sunk in Convoy ON.113, see under Empire Rainbow, ROPNER SHIPPING CO.

8th November 2015, 22:28

12th November 2015, 19:53
Hi I was on the maiden voyage of the Broompark 13th May 1959 to 25thMarch 1960. I don't understand the problem with "the hatch planks being too heavy" in NZ. She had Macgregor Steel Hatches.

r b quiery
12th November 2015, 21:59
same as glenpark beams & boards in the tween/decks

20th July 2018, 22:15
Denholm's and the SS Broompark's part in the development of the atomic bomb

21st July 2018, 07:59
Different Broompark. The one we are talking about was completed in the 50s.