Northwood (Fareham) Ltd

3rd March 2015, 10:39
Hi, can anyone tell me if Northwood is still going as now all their vessels (Donald Redford, Norstone and Wightstone) have all been scrapped, are they operating any other vessels or has the company also gone?

Worked for Northwood on the Donald Redford in 2000 and found them to be a nice company to work for with some lovely little ships.

regards Tony

3rd March 2015, 11:00
They joined the big boys....


Stevie B
3rd March 2015, 18:14
Northwoods were tied up with Westminsters from around 1997/8, when the Twine family sold up. I was on the Norleader, Donald Redford and Norstone, they had the Medina River as well as the Wightstone. Did a trip to Gurnsey on the Wightstone just before Xmas one year.
Worked there for around 12 years, had some good times.