San Emiliano (survivors report)

22nd February 2007, 00:31
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22nd February 2007, 21:30
there is a very good site dedicated to the Eagle Oild Co vessels lost during the war, this link to the "San Emiliano" in particular at

27th August 2007, 23:03
there is a very good site dedicated to the Eagle Oild Co vessels lost during the war, this link to the "San Emiliano" in particular at

Hi Ray,

I was going to add that URL to the SN Guide about San Emiliano but it is dead as far as I can see. Do you have another one or is it defunct?



28th August 2007, 01:18
I have not been able to access this site for quite some time, shame really as it was full of interesting facts.
About a year ago I had to load some new Java program, or other, to view the site as Microsft were no longer supporting the old version.
This worked fine for about 6 months, now nothing.

15th September 2011, 08:52
The Radio Operator who crawled through the flames as mentioned in the first account was my Father, Peter Albert Franks who was also a survivor and who was "Mentioned In Dispatches" for his efforts to release the lifeboat. There is a good account of this episode from the U-Boat Captain who fired the torpedo in a book called (I think) U-Boat Heroes. I have a copy somewhere which was given to me by a family friend after I mentioned that my father was on board and this was the first I had heard of it. My father never mentioned his involvement only that he had spent some time in a lifeboat afterwards and that shortly afterwards he was torpedoed again!

stan mayes
15th September 2011, 10:17
Hello c 021752 c
I was interested to read of your father as I sailed with him in San Emiliano
during the previous voyages to her tragic loss..
I have crew lists for the ship and your father is recorded as 3rd Radio Officer
Born at Bexhill and then living at Dawlish..

15th September 2011, 11:51
There was a Peter Albert Franks signed on as 2nd R/O the “Mahia” 27th February 1944 in Glasgow , he was aged 21 with 2 years service when signing height was 5’ – 11” weight 164 lbs . The ship arrived in New York 14th/15th Match 1944 having sailed from Glasgow 29th February 1944 she sailed again for the UK 4th April 1944

stan mayes
16th September 2011, 11:38
Ray Buck and myself have replied to your posting -re San Emiliano survivors..
possibly you have missed them.

17th September 2011, 00:26
That's him. I'm afraid he 'crossed the bar' in the early 90s. After the war he went into the hotel business and became a Hotel Manager subsequently running The George at Frome, the Red Lion in Basingstoke (where I was born) the Ship in Reading, the White Hart in Holsworthy, the Royal in Deal, the Broadway in Letchworth, the Warrior in St Leonards on Sea and finally the Bell in Sandwich. After leaving there he went back to sea! He took a summer job as an assistant purser on the cross-channel boats and the following year went full time. When he died I found his medals, the excerpt from the London Gazette and a letter from the directors of Eagle Oil and one from the Marconi Company. He never really talked about his lifeboat time, but from the two descriptions of what occurred I cannot really blame him.
I joined the Royal Navy as a Fleet Air Arm aircraft engineer and was very proud to have my photo taken with the both of us in Uniform. I may post it for you to see if I can find it. I have his discharge book so can confirm the ships he served in.
Thanks for getting in touch.

17th September 2011, 17:01
A belated welcome to you c021752c on your postings to SN. Bon voyage.