Sms Dresden Almost A Century Of Her Sinking

9th March 2015, 03:40
The day 14th of March of 1915 at 10:45 Hours, the SMS Dresden was scuttled and sunk at the Cumberland Bay, Juan Fernández Island, to avoid her capture or was destroyed by the HMS Kent, HMS Orama and HMS Glasgow, around 20 seamen could run away to the coast mainly swimming, three of them dead and five of them disappeared in the sea.

The ship lies on the seabed at 60 metres depth, there have been some underwater explorations, the year 2006 one diver equipment leaded by the German archaeologist Willi Kramer, Chilean Navy, German Embassy and the Chilean divers Fernando Landeta and Felipe Mongillo could rescue the ship's bell from on board and now is exhibited at the city of Dresden, Germany.

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Tomislav Raymondi.

12th March 2015, 21:23
Interesting post. The Intelligence Officer of the ship was Wilhelm Canaris who as Admiral Canaris later became head of the German Intelligence Agency, the Abwehr. He led the Royal Navy a merry dance for several months after the Battle of the Falklands in December 1914. A German traditionalist who sadly saw Hitler as a better alternative to the Communists but who later paid the ultimate price for his involvement with the German opposition when he realised what a monster Hitler really was.