Paul Kennedy
9th March 2015, 08:32
I am interested in photos of my previous ships and hearing from people who served on the vessels.
1973 - 1977
Hertford - New Zealand Shipping ( prior to P & O LIVERY)
Sussex - as above
Hadriana - Shell Tankers
Cape Franklin - Bulk carrier
London Bridge - Bowring Steamship
Blenheim- Fred Olsen
Esso Northumbria
I have spent most of my time since 77 ashore but recently returned to the sea and I am currently Master of a crew transfer vessel working out of Helgoland

9th March 2015, 09:28

The ships you mention are in our Gallery. Just type the name into Search.

Hopefully, you will find former shipmates. Good luck (Thumb)

9th March 2015, 09:57
Welcome Paul. Any photos of Helgoland would be appreciated.still hoping to visit.

John T

Paul Kennedy
9th March 2015, 11:07
Hi John T,
It's a nice place ... for Bird watching !
Last trip was my first visit and I had heard lots of tales from other crews about how much they hated the place.
I found it a refreshing change from previous port of Romo!!
Not sure how much you know about it but it was once owned by the British and was relinquished back to the Germans - much to Victoria's disapproval , in return we got Zanzibar!
During first world war it was to be submarine pen and after the second world war we bombed the hell out of it - no pun intended!
It boasts apparently the largest non nuclear bomb crater in the world.
great for cliff top walks and bird watching.
lots of small restaurants etc and apparently very busy with German tourists and yachties in the summer.
I will upload some pics
Best regards,

9th March 2015, 15:39
Greetings Paul and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

9th March 2015, 22:13
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

10th March 2015, 17:54
Thanks for the photos, Paul. I remember those red cliffs well from passing the island - there must be some iron ore in there I reckon.

Yes, I'm familiar with the history of the island - you have to wonder if the history of WW1 would have been different if there'd still been a British presence, spitting distance from Hamburg. There are islanders there today with parents who were born British subjects.

I have a German email friend who had his wedding there and he's quite fond of the place. I'd like to visit myself one day, I'd be quite happy bird watching and knocking over a few Dortmunders. Thank God the RAF didn't obliterate the place, as was the original plan!

John T

PS i quite fancy Zanzibar too.