Riga sail

david smith
12th December 2004, 11:59
image deleted

12th December 2004, 14:46
This might help you all,enjoy yourself
All the best

12th December 2004, 16:14
By looking at the enlarged bow in the second set of photos,I can read the lettering correctly if I turn it around.

This confirms that the first complete photo is ok. I.e. both bow and stern complete photos are taken looking at the sailer's port side.

I am not fluent in Russian/Slavic languages... but to me the name is something near KOLOR or KODOR


Bob S
13th December 2004, 10:30
That's interesting, I saw a couple of Russian sail training vessels in the Baltic back in 1971. One, the ZARYA, I identified easily, the other I had translated as NODOR and could never trace. Lets hope the photo's match.