World War II

26th February 2007, 17:14
If you are interested in the conflicts at sea during World War II, there are two excellent books you might want to read. One is Upon Their Lawful Occasions Reflections of a Merchant Navy Officer During Peace and War by Vernon G. A. Upton, and War of the U-Boats British Merchantmen Under Fire, by Bernard Edwards.
Bernard Edwards is a member of the Merchant Navy Association (Wales) as was Vernon Upton but sadly Vernon has now crossed the bar.

stan mayes
26th February 2007, 18:01
Hello Degema,
I sense a connection with Elder Dempster here.
I thoroughly endorse your praise of the two books of WW2..
I was acquainted with Captain Bernard Edwards during early 1970s when he was Chief Officer with Palm Line.I was working as a ships rigger on contract to Palm Line..
Captain Edwards was a professional and very competent seaman..
He left Palm Line and joined United Arab Co,and soon became a Master and remained in that capacity for 16 years...

27th February 2007, 08:17
Hello Stan,

I did serve in some of the Elder Dempster ships when we were under the umbrella of Ocean Fleets back in the mid seventies.
Although Captain Edwards is a member of the MNA (Wales) I have never met him so I appreciate the information you have provided.

Many thanks

Mike Kemble
5th April 2007, 21:01
I hope you don't mind me blowing my own trumpet here but I have had a book published, but its only available online at: (

On A Sailors Grave (No Roses Grow) is about disaster at sea in WW2 in which the loss of life was disproportionate to the ship concerned. Athenia, Wilhelm Gustloff, Scharnhorst, Hood, Bismarck, HMS Kite, Ex Tiger, USS Indianapolis and many others.

It gave me a wonderful sense of achievement to have a book published, and although not a good seller (online only does not help), its sold a few!!