Andy Fraser, Bassist with Free

18th March 2015, 10:22
I have just seen on the BBC website that Andy Fraser has died at the age of 62. He was probably best known for co-writing Free's best known hit, 'Alright Now' with Paul Rodgers.

This is one of my all time favourite songs which I think has aged well over the last 45 years.

18th March 2015, 23:19
Very sad, he was part of the vanguard of modern blues and rock.

19th March 2015, 01:26
good day fraser,bassist with free.may he rest in peace my condolences to his family,regards ben27

19th March 2015, 09:49
Brilliant band, remember seeing them play in The Bridgehouse or was it The Iron Bridge? Always got those two mixed up. I do have many of their albums (CDs) plus Paul Kossoffs Back Street Crawler. RIP Andy