3rd March 2007, 23:09
Hello to all, I'm a bit slow at this 'cos I'm over 80. I went to sea in the 39 to 59 period. Does anyone remember the Wharf Inn and where the devil was it? I have a Picture of meself and a couple o' shipmates posing like lord knows what , in front of it.. Tho I just can't recall where it is. Durban maybe!
Who can tell me? Please.
Kit Rennox

fred henderson
3rd March 2007, 23:49
A warm welcome Kit. All the medical experts say we must keep our minds active and this site is a great way of complying with their requirements if you have any connection with the sea. We look forward to the wisdom and experience of your future comments.


4th March 2007, 01:13
Hello Kit,

We are always pleased to have people from your generation join the site and would be very pleased to hear about your experiences. Don't worry about being slow and if you have any technical problems please don't hesitate to ask for help - we will do what we can.

If you have a scanner, or know someone that does, get your photo scanned and post it in the Gallery and that will improve the chances of someone recognising the location.

I hope you enjoy the site - we have a large and well-informed membership and some very interesting discussions going on.



non descript
4th March 2007, 09:13
Kit, that's good age well done and a warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the community; enjoy the site and all it has to offer and we very much look forward to your postings. Bon Voyage

4th March 2007, 10:06
Greetings Kit and a warm welcome to the site. Thank you for signing on. Enjoy what you see. Bon voyage.

4th March 2007, 10:34

A warm welcome to the site and I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy the SN experience!
You will certainly spark many happy memories when you have a chance to explore our threads and, who knows, you may even re-establish contact with old shipmates.
As "benjidog" has said, don't be frightened to ask for help because there will always be someone around who can offer assistance.
Good luck! (Thumb)

4th March 2007, 15:48
Welcome aboard from Italy.