China hand
20th March 2015, 20:46
Our musical director and conductor for the past 23 years, Leon Bours, died of a brain haemorrhage last Thursday, 12 March, in Goes, Zeeland. He was 49 years old.
A fine musician, dirigent of 5 choirs, great sardonic sense of humour. He will be missed.
The Scheldeloodsenkoor ( Scheldt Pilots Choir) will go on, bruised, not broken.

Robert Hilton
20th March 2015, 21:05
Seamen and musicians come and go, but the music continues.

Hugh Ferguson
21st March 2015, 00:43
Here they are, shantying!

21st March 2015, 01:11
good day china bours dies thursday 12th march.49 years old.may he rest in peace,regards ben27