Murder at sea - ss. Klang - Straits Steamship Co.

23rd March 2015, 03:56
Not quite sure which forum this belongs in but attached is a full account of the Murders in Keppel Harbour, Singapore in 1925. 9 crew and passengers were murdered with 5 others hospitalized with serious injuries.

23rd March 2015, 06:29
Fascinating read, thanks for posting

Kaiser Bill
23rd March 2015, 06:59
Brilliant, thank you.

23rd March 2015, 16:59
What a piss-poor effort by the captain and crew to subdue one man with a knife.
There must have been various implements at hand to use as weapons, fire axes, boat hooks etc and they all ran around like chooks with their heads cut off in fear of a bloke with knife. And only a medium sized blade at that.
Even the captain kept his revolver in his pocket because he tried to reason with a nutter. So, because of an inept performance by all involved ( gutless ? ) many lives were lost. Some people almost seem to deserve their fate.

23rd March 2015, 21:56
Think you might be being a bit harsh there Kinger.

24th March 2015, 00:00
good day on the ss,klang,straits a brutal attack on the defenceless passenger.a sad end to the captains those who passed on may they rest in peace,regards ben27