Escahoet wanted

28th March 2015, 11:51
In David Brown's "Warship losses of WW II", Arms ans Armour, 1990)
Mention is made on page 118 of a French vessel called "Escahoet" which appears to have been sunk at the battle of Port Cros, near Toulon on 15.8.44 together with a former Italian corvette Uj 6081 (Ex Camoscio).
Wikipedia has no answer (apart from a howler concerning "Amiral Sénès" who was not there).
Does anyone know where I might find a trace of "Escahoet"?

11th April 2015, 11:46
I found a brief description of the loss of the ex-French Escahoet. Lost as you described, being sunk as the German UJ-6081 (which I think is a submarine hunter classification. She was sunk by the USS Somers (a corvette) with 5" gunfire, and 99 crew members were rescued.
I found this on the website under ship losses.
Hope this starts a trail for you.

11th April 2015, 17:57
After searching for a vessel by the name of ESCAHOET, I found no trace whatsoever. However, I did come across "SG21 BERND VON ARNIM" Ex "AMIRAL SENES" (chamois - class aviso) that was sunk by the "USS SOMERS" together with "Uj 6081" (gabbiano - class corvette) near TOULON on the 15/8/1944.

21st April 2016, 09:44
Thank you both for your replies.
The plot thickens and methinks that, like in all good plays, I spy a ghost.
The entry in www. is the verbatim quote from David Brown's book and moves us forward not a jot !
It would seem that the battle of Port Cros involved two German manned vessels:
1) The Italian-built UJ 6081 (ex-Camoscio Gabbiano class corvette, seized by the Germans at Leghorn 9/9/43.) (Aldo Fraccaroli, Italian warships of WW II, page 100, Ian Allan 1968)
2) The French built SG 21 Berndt Von Arnim (ex-Amiral Senes , Chamois class of Aviso-Dragueurs (minesweeping sloop) launched 19/10/43 for the Germans;and commissionned 28/3/44) (Charles Salou, Les Avisos-dragueurs Coloniaux de 647 t de Type Chamois,page 78,Lela Presse, date unknown)
So far, so good.;
However, in Roscoe's "Destroyer, US destroyer operations in WW II",page 375, United States Naval Institute, 1953, The Germans ships are listed as "The German corvettes Camoscio and Escaburt"
Is that the origin of David Brown's ghostly Escahoet?
And if that is not enough...
I have had a look in Jean Labayle Couhat's "French warships of WW II Ian Allan 1971 Page 103 and he states: Amiral Senes was towed in an incomplete state from Port de Bouc to Marseilles by the Germans and scuttled there as SG 16 on 21/08/1944"
Odd, from such a source.
I will keep looking... one never knows !
PS: UJ stands for U-boot Jäger = submarine hunter.