bonjour à toutes et à tous

28th March 2015, 14:35
Bonjour à tous les utilisateurs du forum. Je viens chercher parmi vous la façon la plus agréable d'entretenir ma nostalgie du temps où je possédais un bateau sur les voies d'eau intérieures françaises. merci de bien m'y accueillir

28th March 2015, 14:59
Bonjour nopoisse.

Je regret mais cette est toutes et tous de ma Francais de l'ecole.

Vous will told off proper par les Gendarmes SN pour ne utilising pas l'Anglais. Je suis damn sure que vous connais Anglais much more bonne que je connais la Francais.

28th March 2015, 15:02
Thank's Varley, but i'm not sure that i speak correct in english. i will try

28th March 2015, 16:01
Greetings nopoisse and welcome to this ENGLISH speakine site. Bon voyage.

Robert Hilton
28th March 2015, 17:18
Bienvenue, Nopoisse. No doubt there will be those on this site who know the inland waterways. I'm more familiar with the canals and rivers of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, though I have ventured on some of the Western French rivers and also the Seine as far as Genevilliers.

Don't worry about your English. Most of us are used to all kinds of English, and yours is likely to be better than that of many native English. "Speakine" on #4 is a typographical error (called a typo by the new semi literate) for speaking.

28th March 2015, 23:33
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

28th March 2015, 23:39
bonjour nopoisse, a toute et a tous.wellcome to S.N.regards ben27

28th March 2015, 23:43
Am tempted to reply in Welsh, but I'd better not!

A very warm welcome nopoisse from the usually sunny Isle of Anglesey.

P.S. Don't worry about your English. As I once said to me Swedish Penpal when we met in London one year and after she'd apologised for the standard of her spoken English, I replied. Don't worry, I bet your English is a LOT better than my Swedish!! So you post away and don't worry.