Hi from Port Elizabeth

11th March 2007, 20:25
Hi All

Just a quick introduction, 44 yrs old, 5 kids, still married, transport is my hobby, all kinds of transport. Our transport heritage is disappearing so fast, or should I rather say rusting and rotting away so fast (especially in my country) that I am trying to preserve what I can via the photographic media, my website www.sa-transport.co.za is my attempt to be able to show future generations what we used to have before its all gone.
If there are any other South African's (or past S'Africans) around who have pictures of any modes of transport in SouthERN Africa, please drop me a line. and please have a look at the ship photos on my site, I have some lovely old ones courtesy of my mentor Susan Lawrence.


11th March 2007, 20:55
Welcome to SN Moby - we don't have too many members from your part of the world as far as I am aware but you never know what our resourceful members might come up with.

In any case now you have found SN take a good look around.



11th March 2007, 21:02
Thanks Brian, I have already found one old friend from another part of SA, and another familiar name from Cape Town, the more I mosey around the site the more I find. :D

11th March 2007, 23:44
Welcome Moby, what a fine job you are doing with your site and I'm sure you will make a worthwhile contribution here.

11th March 2007, 23:54

A warm welcome to the site from the Isle of Anglesey!
I hope you thoroughly enjoy the SN experience and get many happy hours entertainment from your membership. (Thumb)

12th March 2007, 11:06
Greetings Mobey and welcome from the south of England, thanks for joining the crew and enjoy what you see. Bon voyage.

12th March 2007, 15:19
Welcome Mobey i hope you will enjoy our site as much as i enjoyed SA when i was in the MN

12th March 2007, 19:29
Thanks All for the great welcome.

Norman Trewren
12th March 2007, 22:11
Welcome/Welkom to the site. Enjoy.

Regards, Norman. (ex-Safmarine/Unicorn)

14th March 2007, 06:02
It is my hope that this self intro is going to end up in the new member thread.
I'm known on this site as Doc74. My primary interests are cruise ships going back 50-60 years, trans Atlantic steamers back to the Titantic. Then there are shipwrecks. My interest in them generally extends back to 1900. Military ships back to WWll. Also interested in paddle wheelers back to about the mid 1800's. Finally (I think) the wrecks of the Spanish treasure fleets, along the Florida East coast. I have little or no interest in the present day white shoe boxes, they call cruise ships, that sail out of ports down here in Florida. Nor do I care for their first cousins with the ugly paint jobs from bow to midships.
I apologize to any one I may have offended with my dislikes. Well I guees thats about it for now. Looking forward to much discussion in the various forums. Doc74

18th March 2007, 19:44
Hi Doc74

I think you should have put it in as a new thread, but not to worry, hi from me. I tend to agree with you about the newer cruise ships, they are great to look at but they don't have the majesty of the older ones.
There again I also think the SAN's new corvettes are as ugly as sin, much to everyone else's disgust, I saw them again today at the harbour here and took some pictures, which I will put on the site, and my opinion has not changed, I was much more interested in the Hebridean Spirit that was berthed behind them.
I must admit I like the car carriers, we get a lot of them here, General Motors and Volkswagen having their main factories here, I tend to rush down to sneak in photos of them far more than I do of any of the other vessels.

18th March 2007, 21:28
Hey Moby

Welcome to the site! I sent you a couple of pics a while ago! Have fun!!


19th March 2007, 08:10
Hi Jason

Yep the cruise ships, thanks tons for those, if you have anymore, please send through.

steve Coombs
23rd March 2007, 10:10
Just seen this thread-welcome

24th March 2007, 17:21
I am a new member. You brought back memories of my time with Union-Castle and visits to PE. Am a member of an association of old seafarers here on the Isle of Wight and several of us are ex U-C. One of our elder 'statesmen' was in SA for a while after leaving the sea and married a South African lady who is also a member of our association.
I think his daughter still lives there.