Grimsby Seine Netter Mutiny 1960's

31st March 2015, 23:47
Hello Forum,
I am hopeful that perhaps a reader or two on this site may be able to recall an incident that took place late in the 1960's probably 1967-1969.
A seine netter leaves Grimsby with Skipper and two others, the weather is bad and the boat pulls into Scarborough. The Skipper has a friend there so goes ashore for several nights, however the weather clears and is good for fishing so the other two who are now tired of waiting for the skipper to return take the boat and head back to Grimsby, they are greeted at the dock by police who charge both men with mutiny. One of the men John Allen from Cleethorpes, was my husbands brother and he died some years ago. My husband attended the trial to support his brother and both men were fined but not incarcerated. We would like to try and get the newspaper cutting about the whole affair or make contact with anyone that knew of this incident, the name of the Seine Netter, and exactly when it took place .
All the best to everyone - in anticipation

1st April 2015, 03:28
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1st April 2015, 07:24
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1st April 2015, 16:16
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