Weirbank 1965-ish

14th March 2007, 09:48

16th March 2007, 21:05
1st Joined Weirbank, as Apprentice, in Sunderland for maiden voyage (Capt. Mitchel). 2 trips, 2nd and Snr. Apprentice. Was 3/O on Avonbank, been away 18 months and transferred back to her in Aussie for another 22 months. Carrot for transfere was 5 weeks leave in Japan whilst she was there....The C/O was an interesting guy, Irish...No names...his navigation was unbelievable, no-one could make head or tail of it, turned out all he ever put down for A.M. sights were D.R.'s. We left Nauru Isle at 0500 and sailed 180 degrees off coarse for three hours. The man was a living disaster, everthing he touched turned t*ts up. When we paid off it turned out he had a forged ticket.

17th March 2007, 03:23
Yeah!But the luck of the Irish though!!Didn't collide with Australia or anything!!!

17th March 2007, 10:09
Not quite...but did manage to score a bulls-eye with Cuba...The great pudding.

19th March 2007, 21:48
We were on our way up one of those rivers in W. Africa (can't remember which) and about six 2 man canoe's were under the bow to take the mooring lines ashore. The Pilot said, "tell the Mate that if I order 'let go the anchor', make sure all the canoes are clear". The only thing the Mate heard was "let go the anchor". Scratch one canoe...First on board 2 very angry....

Alistair Macnab
25th November 2008, 00:01
The "Weirbank" was one of a group of four modified "Firbank" class from 1960, fitted with six deeptanks for the carriage of palm oil and coconut oil from the Pacific Islands and were known thereafter as additional "Copra Boats". The others so modified were "Willowbank", "Larchbank" and "Lindenbank".
The original Copra Boats were the "Eastbank" Class (1947)- "Eastbank", Southbank" and "Westbank" then the "Beaverbank" Class (1953) -"Beaverbank", "Nessbank","Fleetbank", Cedarbank", "Foylebank" and "Laganbank"

Incidentally, the "Cedarbank" of this Harland's class was originally to be the "Ribblebank" but this was changed before launching.

Alistair Macnab
Houston TX