8 yrs with Fyffes ships 65-73

Jerry Hale
7th April 2015, 07:47
I went to sea in December 1965 when I was 21 y.o. as a junior engineer on the Comito. Sailed into a fierce gale where I was sick for 3 days. I was on the 4-8 watch with the 2nd engineer and an apprentice, can't remember there names, but they were very good to me, even though I was totally useless. but they helped me to get over my sickness and went on to really enjoy 12 yrs of sea going life.

Ships I sailed on were Comito, Matina, Golfito, Tilapa, Chirripo, Paquari, Rio Cobre, and others.

A Couple of guys I remember are Mick Fultan, Dave Dobson, the rest are in my head but the names have disappeared.

If you remember me and want to catch up, please contact me.

I have lived in New Zealand for 40 yrs. now.

7th April 2015, 08:41
Welcome Jerry, there are quite a few skin ship ex crew on here am sure some will remember you and their names will jog your memory, happy sailing on here with this motely crew.

Bill Cooper
8th April 2015, 00:24
Hi Jerry, I was 18 yr old fireman in Feb/65 on the Camito 2 trips 8/4 watch 2nd Eng Mark(ginger)Woods.

Jerry Hale
8th April 2015, 03:02
Good on you Bill, I didn't join her untill December that yr. but thanks for sharing.

Howard Dean
12th April 2015, 15:44
Does anybody have any recollection of a third engineer Bill Rankin? Back in the 60's. Fantastic guy as was the chief Jock Burns.

john richards
12th April 2015, 18:33
Hi Jerry, I joined Camito April 1966 did 2 trips 3rd Trip Cancelled Seamans Strike! But Home for World Cup. Sailed with 2 Dobbys 1 Chief Freezer and one J/E on Turrialba Brothers from Morecame. Great Outfit. Cheers John Richards aka Black Fred ?

Dave Dobson
7th September 2015, 14:16
memories are failing Fred as you were on the Turrialba for the world cup as I remember, Ernie the Wirral electrician did the world cup swindle only to draw South Korea, and being so elated when surprisingly beating Italy, He was also part of our group when we use to do recording sessions in my shower/toilet yes 4 of us and tea chest double bass in a room 6x3 we thought we made a great sound I recall you played a mean guitar, still singing we hate Bill Shankly we hate St John most of all we hate big Ron, Cannot believe I sang that being a Morecambe supporter,Turrialba was a happy ship, returned again as third it wasn't the same.

Dave Dobson
7th September 2015, 14:41
Hi Jerry, I know the name and I am sure I can remember the face, tall blond, curly hair, always cheerful not 100% but think it was the Matina, Mick Fulton was on there, from Middlesbough loved his Bass, Fond memories on the Matina header doors round the coast of Jamaica, 6hr watches, Horta for water, cannot believe what we put up with, evaporators that couldn't make water, steam hand operated soot blowers, hard working ship but again fond memories .

Dave Dobson
7th September 2015, 17:05
What did I say Fred," your memory is failing," I've had a rethink it was a scouse electrician, not Ernie, but Kenny Harper, real Everton supporter that's the mix up Ernie was from Hyton I recall and you are the posh one from the Wirral, It was 66 Matina Montego Bay, at anchor side loading with stems would you believe, wish I was back there now, having a red stripe in the cove bay bar.

john richards
10th September 2015, 10:46
Davey Dobson, I`ve sent you a PM, My Fyffes Ships Matina 5 trips 63/64. Sinaloa 27 May/ 15 September 64, Turrialba November/ June 65, Chicanoa 4 trips September 65/ January 66, Camito April 66/ 11 July 66, Watched all the Games @ Everton Pele Kicked off the Park, North Korean Thriller v Portugal 5-3 etc Tucurinca august 66/ February 67, Turialba 31/may/67 paid off Rotterdam 9/12/67. I kept my first discharge book. Davey Lee Chief Eng on Turrialba, You bought a 12 String Guitar on Broadway New York, Benny Banks trying to sell one of the J/E`S to someone who bought our ale all night in Greenwich Village. Our Band was The Four Skins etc. John Richards.

7th February 2019, 14:58
In a recent clean out I came across a napkin from Fyffes Line that I had kept after visiting a Fyffes ship that was discharging in Saint John New Brunswick in September 1969. My then girlfriend and I were invited to a party on board, now married 48 years. The first mate was the late Colin Leitch and the purser was Peter Downie from Gourock, does anyone know if he is still with us ?