Working day on dredger

8th April 2015, 19:49
Hello, im interested abou work on dredger for , 2 nd mate . Is there is some specific things to should know, what is avarege salary for 2nd mate . I have expierence only on oil/chem tankers.
Thank you in advance.

9th April 2015, 02:41
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

9th April 2015, 04:37
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

9th April 2015, 12:34
I'm not sure dredgers carry 2nd mates.........Skipper and mate doing 6 hours on 6 hours off with a dredgemaster on each watch with them. I may be wrong so its worth checking out.

9th April 2015, 12:48
Thanks, but i mean large dredger ship, i know that some of them, there are 3rd mates too.

9th April 2015, 20:21
Hello Skilguy/ Retired from dredging 6 years ago and, yes, they carried 2nd mates and worked a 2 week on/2 week off rota. Also the wages were decent.Also, if it was too windy you didn't sail. Good if you are married but a little boring if you are single and want a bit of adventure

9th April 2015, 21:16
Thanks a lot Tonykshaw . Im almost married, what is the most important to know for mates, manouvring ... or what. How about money, is it less than another type of offshore?

9th April 2015, 22:14
probably find you will need a DP ticket or experience at least

10th April 2015, 14:15
Thanks kevhogg . For future i will pass DP course, and get certificate.