White Rose A 149 - first steam powered fishing boat built in Buckie district

18th March 2007, 08:40
According to an 1899 Banffshire Advertiser article, the WHITE ROSE A 149 was the first steam powered fishing vessel launched in the Buckie district. The builder was John McIntosh & she was a steam liner built for John Craig, Torry, Aberdeen.

I have a webpage devoted to learning more about her

I have her surviving to at least 1925 when she was SILVERNA GY 41.

Any info or a pic would be great.

Roger Griffiths
18th March 2007, 11:46
I have her as being registered at GY around 23/6/1922 and then being sold on the 14/2/1929. Sorry I do not have details of who she was sold to. No doubt other forum members may know.
It seems some of her logbooks from 1900-1925 are with MUN. Her logbooks and crew lists for 1907, 1909, 1914 are with TNA.
Attached from the Returns of Grimsby Fishing Boats 1924-1928.


donald mckay
18th March 2007, 15:30
Olsens 1928 has her still in Grimsby theowners are given as F A Peterson Grimsby her reg no was 112907

18th March 2007, 20:48
Roger and Donald - thats a pretty good start. Thanks for that. So she was around until at least 1929. The longer she was fishing the greater the chance for more info, or even a pic.

Roger Griffiths
19th March 2007, 00:52
Roger and Donald - thats a pretty good start. Thanks for that. So she was around until at least 1929. The longer she was fishing the greater the chance for more info, or even a pic.

Hello again,
Try an e-mail to John Wilson at the NE Linc's Archive at GY.
[email protected]
I have found him to be ever helpful and he may be able to tell you to who she was sold.


19th March 2007, 08:19
Roger - thanks for that helpful contact. Will let you know what I find out.

20th March 2007, 21:01
Roger - I got a reply from John Wilson. Looks like she was broken up in 1929. The alterations in 1922 sound interesting. Wonder if anyone can hazard a guess what they may have been?

Thank you for your enquiry. According to the Grimsby register of sea fishing boats (Archive ref 365/4/3/page 472), which is in my custody, the "White Rose" (Official No. 112907) was built at Jonstown, Buckie in 1900, and was registered in Grimsby on 23 June 1922 to The Pomona Steam Fishing Company Limited of Grimsby. The name was changed to "Silverna" with the sanction of the Board of Trade on 8 July 1922. The vessel was altered in July 1922, too (gross tonnage down from 94 to 89.46, net down from 40.92 to 37.56). The vessel was described as "Steam ketch, main and mizzen" and its mode was "Nets and lines".

The vessel was sold to Frank Andreas Peterson of 9 David Street, Grimsby, on 28 March 1925.

The registry was closed on 14 February 1929, when the vessel was "sold for breaking up purposes".

Roger Griffiths
21st March 2007, 01:39
Thanks for posting the answer from John Wilson.
The name change to SILVERNIA on that date makes sense as she was originaly registered as WHITE ROSE in TRGFB 1919-1923. see attached
A very, very long shot. Her registration documents may be in TNA.
If they still exsit you should be able to get hold of them useing the digital express service . No find, no fee.


22nd March 2007, 08:49
Roger - thanks for that further advice. Thanks also for the link to the National Archives site. I am only a learner driver there, so I was very careful and will need to spend more time there when I have it available. That online research option must be fairly new at TNA - looks good though!

I now have details of the end of WHITE ROSE, as well as her beginning, and a bit more meat on the bones in between. Might just let it sit here for a while before doing much more.

12th December 2007, 19:44
Dick Sloan just posted a photo of a White Rose taken at Hull date unknown


Any comment on this would be appreciated, as I suppose it is possibly the McIntosh built White Rose.