'Diomed' - (article from company Bulletin)

18th March 2007, 16:21
Blue Funnel’s Cadet Training Ship – ‘Diomed’ 1956

‘Diomed’, now on her maiden Voyage, is basically one of the Company's normal -cargo liners, in fact the twentv-fourth of her class to be built since the war. Designed for general trading between Western Europe and the Far East she may he described as a single screw motor vessel, 453 feet in length by 62 feet in breadth. She is powered by a B & W 6-cylinder single acting two-stroke opposed piston turbo-charged engine rated at 8.500 S.H.P. Her bale capacity is 13,980 and she carries 2,200 tons of oil in seven tanks. Fitted for 12 passengers she should maintain a service speed of 16˝ knots. Her cargo gear includes a 70 ton derrick and she can carry a limited tonnage of refrigerated cargo.
To readers of ‘The Halfdeck’ magazine, this ship of course is much more than just another ‘A’ class vessel for she replaces ‘Calchas’ as our training ship, being manned on deck by 22 midshipmen instead of the normal deck complement of eighteen seamen and four midshipmen.

‘Diomed’ accommodation differs considerably from that in ‘Calchas’, as is to expected in a new vessel. There is no ‘halfdeck’ in ‘Diomed’, all midshipmen being housed amidships and the four additional berths occupy the space in the seamen's house which in ‘Calchas’ was devoted to recreation. On top of the seamens house, and approached by an interior companionway, are the recreation room and library. The latter provides facilities for reading, writing and studv. The permanent ‘Canchas’ library has been transferred to this ship. A soundproof bulkhead separates the librarv from the recreation room which is fitted with piano, radiogram, dartboard and the usual table games. There is a stowage in the recreation room for cricket and football gear. Formica bulkheads are a feature of this ship and are fitted in the messrooms and recreation room. Windows replace portholes, deck-heads are sheathed, curtains and colourful furnishings provide contrasts in study, recreation room and cabins. Wardrobe space and drawer space in cabins is greater than in ‘Calchas’ and power points are provided for radios.

'I'hc popularity of the sailing dinghies on ‘Calchas’ and the obvious need to encourage this splendid sport has resultcd in the construction of two new boats which are carried on the poop. A small davit is used to turn out the boats and its position is such that both boats can be swung clear of mooring lines and lowered on the ship's clear side. The dinghies are of the Royal Naval Sailing Association class, fourteen feet long and gunter rigged. Built at Bonds Yard in Rock Ferry to the specifications of the class they can be entered for R.N.S.A. races in Hong Kong and other ports where this class of boat is popular.

Frank P
18th March 2007, 16:35
A recreation room which is fitted with piano, that I have never seen on a cargo ship. I wonder who played the piano?

Cheers Frank

Alan Knott
18th January 2008, 00:35
Do you know of the history of the bell from Diomed 1921 - 52 that is now in the Flying Angel Club [Mission to Seafarers] in Melbourne?
Any hints? Any help?
Alan Knott