Athlone Castle Convoy WS19 May 1942

13th April 2015, 12:36
I am researching my late father's convoy WS19 to Bombay aboard Athlone Castle. Anyone else have an interest in this ship and convoy in May-June 1942?


13th April 2015, 13:26

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13th April 2015, 15:38
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I expect you've already come across this...

You might well find people on Ships Nostalgia that were involved with this convoy as well. Good Searching! :)

Chris Isaac
13th April 2015, 19:45
I would be interested in any results of your investigations for my web site which includes much info about the ship: Athlone Castle (

fred henderson
13th April 2015, 20:34
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17th April 2015, 03:27
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17th April 2015, 16:03
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11th October 2017, 14:57
Good afternoon from France
I also am researching my father's involvement in WW2!
I know he sailed with convoy WS19, but don't know on which ship.
I have found out quite a lot about these convoys, but haven't been able to find out anything about nominative passenger lists.
Do you know anything about this?

I expect that by now, your research has taken you to this link:
which gives some information about the formation and voyage of WS19.
I have a book by Archie Munro "The Winston Specials - troopships via the Cape 140-1943" which gives quite a lot of detail about WS19 and mentions the Athlone Castle and even has a photo entitled: "Athlone Castle leaving Freetown in WS19, 26th May 1942. Note windchutes into troopdecks, boatropes rigged to each lifeboat and extensive gunpits". However, the détails are NOT really visible on the photo.
If there is no copyright problem (I'll have to check) I'd be happy to copy all this for you (about 9 pages) and send it by email (I'll need your address). I'm new to this forum and not sure if it's possible to do it via the site.

Kind regards

11th October 2017, 20:30
Good evening, my grandfather sailed in this same convoy on the ship Pasteur. He was a lieutenant in the Indian army Punjab regiment and wrote a very detailed ( if slightly illegal ) diary about his time on the convoy including day to day living conditions, drills, lessons onboard, attacks etc. I'd be happy to send this onto anyone interested. He ended up in Bombay then involved in the fighting around admin box so if anyone has any good links to enable me to trace his company's involvement in the fighting there would be gratefully received.

6th June 2019, 15:20
Hi i have only found today my Father-in-Law was on the Athlone Castle during the war, I have his roll number..and would love to find out more of this ship and the crew, if anyone can help me pls, happy to be here and thank you in advance x Di x