John Wodehouse

john wodehouse
25th March 2007, 15:15
Hello Everybody,
I have just signed up and am not really sure of what I am doing yet.
I was in the Merchant Navy for 40 odd years and am looking for some mates who might still be around.
I was on hte QE2 for several years and on the smaller Cunard ships. I then went to Princess Cruises whom I was with until 1995.
Is there anypne out there who wants to chat with me

25th March 2007, 15:21
Greetings John and welcome to the site, quite a few of us Cunarders on site and maybe you will make a contact. Enjoy the site and bon voyage.

25th March 2007, 15:22
Welcome onboard and enjoy the Voyage

25th March 2007, 19:47
Welcome from Lancashire John.

There is plenty of information here and with your experience I am sure you could make some very useful and interesting contributions to some of the discussion threads.

Enjoy the site.



25th March 2007, 23:29
Welcome John, I wish you luck in finding some old shipmates and hope you enjoy the site.

25th March 2007, 23:52

A warm welcome to the site from the Isle of Anglesey, I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy the SN experience!
You will certainly spark many happy memories when you have a chance to explore our threads and, who knows, you may even re-establish contact with old shipmates.
Good luck! (Thumb)