Shaw Savill Society NZ Reunion 2007

27th March 2007, 02:58
Final notice to all former Shaw Savill Line crew, officers, office staff, passengers or anyone with interest in Shaw Savill ships - our 10th National Gathering will be held at Tauranga, New Zealand over the weekend 20-22April 2007. If anyone is interested in joining this Reunion, please contact me as soon as possible - I have 80+ registered and attending - so there is still time to join us - if you act quickly.

Jamie Shedden
Reunion Co-ordinator

Roger Widdowson
15th May 2007, 00:01
Hi Jamie.
Would like to enroll in the NZ branch of the society and also the Australian branch.

I travel to Nz about every 6mnths and would look forward to the reunions.

Went to sea on Knight Templar in 1965 joined Saracen, Crusader, Almaric,and releived on NZ coast as engineer on Ceramic Corinthic Gothic.

Do Crusader line have a role in the society?or a we persona non gratia.

Congratulations on the work on this website you have inputed it has helped me greatly.

looking forward to your reply.

Roger Widdowson.

15th May 2007, 10:03
Greetings Roger and a warm welcome to to the site of SN. Thanks for signing on and enjoy the experience. Bon voyage.

20th May 2007, 22:20

Only just got on to the site so not clear about the form. May I as a UK resident join Shaw Savill NZ. I was a deck cadet on Coptic, Illyric and Athenic, plus a few day relieving on DM. I have visited Edwin Fox and Star of India , are there any other vessels left ? In retirement I am planning a small model of Coptic and am looking for photos, particularly anything showing deck/bridge in some detail. I would appeciate any advice or photos. I have a couple of old photos taken on Athenic which I will post , when I work how to do so

John Clark

John Crossland
20th June 2007, 09:29
Hi Jamie,

I've tried to send you a private message but it says you are full up, and have to delete some before you can recieve any more.

John Crossland

28th August 2007, 04:22
g/day jamie lowrie ewen here would like make contact become a member.only sailed in two companies shaw savill & ben line hope to hear from you soon thanks

paddy mcdonnell
11th May 2008, 02:55
It's interesting that there is a SSA society,I sailed on the last voyage of the Dominion Monarch in '62,leaving NZ was very tearfull,to say the least,church bells rang and the fireboats streamed their hose's in Wellington,and thats not all,somebody stole the ships bell from the foredeck,I often wonder if it was ever found,I figured it would apear in the Wellington Bar some day,did that ever happen?Of course the Dominion Monarch was loved by the people of NZ,it was the ship that brought back the troops to NZ after the 2nd world war,Paddy.

19th May 2008, 21:34
sailed on the ceramic when i was a j.o.s sailed cannaries ,curaco. tarangu napier
bluff and a few more in between band from going ashore dockers went on strike over us and finally locked up in bluff untill the ship sailed got a D,R WHAT A TRIP
to be young and foolish again

26th May 2008, 13:02
Hello Paddy,

I did my first deep sea voyage on the " Demented Maniac " ( as the Dm was known by her crew ) in 1950, also did the second voyage, both times as Elect Engr. She was a great ship, and well appointed for passengers. At one time she was the largest refrigerated cargo ship in the world, but still carried 500 1st class passengers. Terence Willams. ( R538301 )