Oronsay Officer photos 1971

Tony Selman
27th March 2007, 20:23
Memories from a very happy time with a great group of people on Oronsay's round the world trip in late 1970/early 1971. I can't remember everyone in the group photo but here goes.

Back row. ?? Eng; Kevin from NZ Elect; me 3R/O; Peter Richardson 2R/O; John ? J4/O; Charlie Dodsworth Eng; ?? 2nd Surgeon; Dave Blencowe 3/O; Tick Browne J3/O; Tassie ? Eng; ?? Eng;

Front row. Rosemary Green WAP (now my wife); ?? Nursing sister; Madeleine ? Childrens Hostess; ?? Childrens Hostess; Flo Kohler Dutch WAP; ?? Nursing Sister; Diana Ridsdale WAP.

The Bunnies photo comprises:-
?? Childrens Hostess; ?? Disco Dolly; Rosemary Green WAP ( I remember her, she is my wife); Flo Kohler Dutch WAP; Diana Ridsdale WAP; Rosie Smyth WAP.

Maybe Buoy can help because he was on there at the same time.

These photos are in my gallery at a higher resolution if you need to see anything a bit clearer.