Union Castle staff register..

29th March 2007, 23:48
Of some interest maybe. Ken.


11th February 2008, 09:50
HI ken,
Yes it is a good site to register your Service with Union Castle.
I ahve done so quite a while ago,and was amazed at the list that has been created there.
Wonder why more dont go therte and put their details.

15th February 2008, 16:55
hi KenLin 39,have had a look at your union castle register and cannot find how to register my name on to it.maybe i am missing a wee bit of info in there.any tips or help welcome,thanks.Graham.

Chris Isaac
15th February 2008, 17:09
You get your details by sending them via email to Owen Keen. Also give a history of yrself and subsequent career

17th February 2008, 17:11
Thanks Chris,will send details to OWEN.

19th February 2008, 00:35
Hi Dowling, its not my register matey, I just happened to have the site saved and thought people would be interested. Ken.

dave beaumont
20th February 2008, 02:30
Sent my details week and half ago and just checked but name not there.any idea how long before details posted? Dave

Chris Isaac
20th February 2008, 08:40
Owen has been away in South Africa for the last few months and I expect he has a backlog to deal with...... be patient he will reply and you will get posted.

dave beaumont
26th February 2008, 02:11
Thanks Chris

2nd March 2008, 11:59
Thanks for the link, Ken.

Have sent my details to Owen.


13th April 2011, 09:29
The site seems to have gone down.

Chris Isaac
1st May 2011, 11:49
The site has gone down but I am having discussions with Owen about how to resurrect it. I will post here when I have some firm news.
Rest assured the data has not been lost and will re-appear in the not too distant future.

1st May 2011, 11:53
The site has gone down but I am having discussions with Owen about how to resurrect it. I will post here when I have some firm news.
Rest assured the data has not been lost and will re-appear in the not too distant future.

Good oh! Best wishes Chris.

I have been waiting to enter my details for some time.

If I can help, please let me know. ( used to write a bit of HMTL at one time)

Sue Davies
31st October 2011, 21:48
I have only just joined this site and not sure in which direction to go!
I am hoping to hear from anyone that was with th Union Castle line in the late 50s or early 60s - I think the Winchester Castle but could be Pendenis or Arundel as my father served on all of these ships.
His name was Ron Muttock and although he died in 1963, aged 40, I am still hoping that someone might remember him - he was a bosun and the particular event that I am trying to get information on is when a girl fell overboard when the ship was entering Cape Town harbour and my father was able to dive from one of the decks and save her. Does this ring any bells with anyone or does anyone remeber my dad by name? Tommy Steele was part of the crew on one trip, complete with his guitar, maybe that will jog a memory!
Thank you
Susan Davies nee Muttock

2nd November 2011, 18:21
Greetings Sue and welcome to SN. Bon voyage

jg grant
2nd November 2011, 22:40
Hi Ken, I can't get into this site at the moment and I'm not clear on what it contains. Is it a definitive list of past crews or do ex crew members have to submit there name to go on record? I was never on a castle boat but my shipmate from Salvesens was, he is now deceased and I am trying to help his daughter find out about him. She did not even know he was MN as he died when she was a baby.Any information would be of help. Thankyou, Ronnie.

3rd November 2011, 21:40
Site has been down for months

Chris Isaac
19th September 2012, 08:16
The site is now back up:

I have now taken over the management of the site and over the next six months it will be completely rebuilt and modernised.
I am currently evaluating the best site building option. My current feeling is that VBulletin (same as SN) may well be the best solution.

19th September 2012, 09:39
Chris, Good luck with your endeavers.

swansea sailor
12th May 2015, 09:50
what is the new title of unioncastlestaffregister.Does anyone know.?

Chris Isaac
13th May 2015, 12:26
The old Union-Castle Staff register is now closed because it's original owner, Owen Keen, passed away last year.
For the last few years he had been concentrating on the Union Line and the Castle Line prior to 1900 and my site dealt with post 1900.
Fortunately I managed to salvage all of Owen's data and it is now all included in:
British & Commonwealth Staff Register. (http://www.bandcstaffregister.co.uk/)