Harry Frank Valentine

Wendy Valentine
31st March 2007, 09:20
Does anyone out there remember HARRY FRANK VALENINEwho was a Hospital Attendant on the QUEEN ELIZABETH 1941-1946. He's an Aussie, signed on in Sydney.

In 1948, he was on board PORT FREMANTLE as Asst Steward.
1948-1948 he worked on the BULOLO as Steward.
1949-1950 he was Asst Steward on the PORT BRISBANE.
In 1953 Harry signed on the PORT VINDEX as Asst Cook.

There his service card ends. Shows Sydney and London addresses.

Harry Frank is my half-brother who I'm trying to trace. He would have been in his 30s during the 1940s so its doubtful if he's still sailing the high seas but it would be wonderful to hear from anyone who remembers him.

Wendy Valentine

non descript
31st March 2007, 09:29
Hi Wendy,

I am sorry that your initial posting seems to have failed to get a result, but hopefully this one may get a reaction. Good luck and I hope it works.

Kind regards

31st March 2007, 10:36
Try this webpage


25th April 2008, 05:13
Hya Wendy
Its quite possible that your brother sailed with my dad, Peter Chrisp. Sadly my dad passed away last year.
I will check his CD again where he names all his ships, nearly all Port Line ships
He came ashore in "49 but i think maybe the Freemantle was his last ship, maybe!
Paddy Chrisp

Wendy Valentine
28th April 2008, 09:01
Dear Paddy

Great to find your message after returning home from Sydney's Anzac Day.

Would be wonderful to find out whether your father sailed with my brother. Do you have any photos of his shipmates or keep in touch with any of them?

Such a pity to locate you after your Dad has died.

Its a long time ago now and I would be very lucky to find someone who knew Harry/Frank. Fairly sure he used the name Frank. And its a problem to work out whether he settled in London or Australia. I've located a London address for him in the 1950s.

Will be good to hear from you again to see what you discovered from your father's records.

Wendy Valentine