Sapphire Princess

23rd February 2005, 10:23
The largest cruise ship so far (and likely to be for some time) to visit New Zealand. Built in 2004 in Japan, (twice) she is of 115,875grt and seen here at Lyttelton in January 2005.
Originally to be called DIAMOND PRINCESS, she caught fire whilst under construction in Japan and was almost a total loss. Her sister also under construction and originally intended to be SAPPHIRE PRINCESS was named DIAMOND PRINCESS in her place.
If one looks really closely at her name on the starboard bow, one can see a D between the S and A. (Not visible in photo).

23rd February 2005, 15:09
Where is SAPPHIRE PRINCESS , in the threads i see a High sea tug?

Bob S
25th February 2005, 12:51
Brilliant, I thought I was the only one getting the wrong pic on the thread, when you open it, is it the correct picture?

25th February 2005, 14:39
Ok ,this problem is solved!!!!!.

25th February 2005, 18:13
To Bob S: What picture do you see? I uploaded SAPPHIRE PRINCESS.
To Tanker: Pleased you can see it properly now.

Doug Rogers
26th February 2005, 01:55
I am seeing Sapphire Princess without any probs...altho I think I prefer not to see her at all.