Shell-Mex Adrossan

1st May 2015, 21:57
Anybody got details of the ships discharging at Ardrossan during the 60's, 70's and 80's until the closure of the refinery.

Julian Calvin
2nd May 2015, 12:53
In mid 70s was on "Aulica" doing Stanlow/Larne/Ardrossan for a number of trips.
Larne was always 'interesting' as in midst of the 'troubles'.
Last trip from Stanlow new coasting crew arrived only to be told, after sailing, that we were off to Curacoa.

2nd May 2015, 13:27
I joined the Shell tanker TES Helcion on 18 July 1959.
Next destination, the Maracaibo Lake.


2nd May 2015, 16:26
Anybody got details of the ships discharging at Ardrossan during the 60's, 70's and 80's until the closure of the refinery.

As second eng. called there in 62 on a coastal on Clymene (Shell A Class turbine product tanker) owned by Hadley Shipping and manned by Holders.

Later in 1964, as a temporary arrangement, joined Shell-Mex and BP as a technical Rep. Retired from BP 29 years later!


frank fish
2nd May 2015, 17:03
The Shell ss Fragum was on a regular run into Ardrossan with bitumen from Stanlow up until 1963

Ken Wood
7th May 2015, 21:45
Used to visit Ardrossan regularly on Halia, late 60's.

8th May 2015, 08:45
Ken, thanks for the info. I remember the Halia I think during the early 70's, with a roughly 5-6 week interval of berthing, would that be correct?

23rd May 2015, 16:35

The worst time in Ardrossan was on the Paludina discharging bitumen feed stock. Discharging went well until the shoregang changed over shore tanks and forgot to oopen a valve. The bitumen went cold and solid in the lines and everything came to a solid stop! We left with over twenty inches of cargo in the bottom of our tanks.

Also we had a vistor aboard who tried to go down the gangway with the saloon "silver" wrapped up in a bed sheet.

Happy days.

30th May 2015, 18:42
Regarding the request for tankers at Shell-Mex at Ardrossan.

Looking up my Ardrossan records for 1960-1980 there were around 5000 visits by tankers to discharge/load at Shell Mex.
Some tankers, especially those of Shell called multiple times.

As a small example, for a six-month period in 1961, there were

Ocean Tankers:
Shell vessels ....... Heminisus, Harvella Atys, Hyria, Heldia, Aulica, Arca Helcion, Kalydon, Katelysia, Hinea, Kryptos

Foreign ocean tankers :
Nordhav, McKinney-Maersk, Harwi, Jamunde (not entirely sure of the spelling but registered in Oslo), Helma Entz, Staberg, Ternoy, Spervik, Artemis, Keizerwaard.

and these arrived from Thameshaven, Puerto Miranda via Stanlow, Faslane, Belfast, Barry, Curacoa.

Leaving Ardrossan they went to Stanlow, Thameshaven, Old Kilpatrick, Rotterdam, Nigeria, Curacao, Aruba, Whitegates, etc.

Coastal tankers were:
Pointsman, Eileen M, Clanity, Irish Holly, Brodick, Fragum, Apexity, Argosity, Shell Driller, Shell Supplier,

arriving from Heysham, Douglas, Londonderry, Kirkcudbright, Stanlow, Bowling, Preston, Workington, Stornoway.

and leaving Ardrossan for Portree, Heysham, Brodick, Ardrishaig, Stanlow, Stornoway, Faslane, Douglas.

These are just a snapshot for July to December 1961, and there were very many other tankers after them, such as the BP Bird-class, almost every Shell A, H and K ship, Einar Rasmussen's Norwegian Poly- ships, British India's Trident Tankers, Maersk's Dangulf Maersk, the big Danish Java, Hunting's Forthfield, etc.
And the coastal ships Robert M, Wangeroog, Thuntank, BP Refiner, etc.

I remember being astonished on seeing Shell's all-aft Arianta alongside the tanker berth the "wrong way" round -with the stern towards the refinery and the bow facing out to sea.

Hope these few names will be of interest to you.


31st May 2015, 19:12
Thanks for the detailed reply, very informative. Evokes the smell of the refinery !!!