Dutch Motor Coaster 'Regina'

5th April 2007, 18:16
Does anyone remember a Dutch motor coaster called Regina that I recall visiting the Tweed Dock when I was a kid? From memory she had a single mast. I believe she sank in the Irish Sea in the early 70's but all the crew were taken off safely.

Does this one ring any bells and if so, does anyone have a photo?

5th April 2007, 20:14
Was her the 313g.t of N.V."Carebeka" Rotterdam registered?

6th April 2007, 09:55
Ahoy Billy,
She was first Wagenborg registered and went to Carebeka in 1956.
Launched as REGINA in 1951, built at A.Apol-Wirdum[165]
LOA:45,40 x 7,23 x 3,08
Eng.:4SA 6Cy. Kl.-Humb.-Deutz[240x360] 195hp
Spd.: 8˝knots
Te water als REGINA*.
In 1954 capsized and sunk while cargo moved aside.Crew was saved by a pilot boat.Salvaged and repaired.
In 1956 to Off.Carebeka.
On 12-11-1971 underway with a cargo of building bricks from Port Rush to Loch Carnan in very bad weather the ship developed a severe list and was abandoned by crew and sunk on 55°54'NB & 07°05'WL
So not a lucky vessel

6th April 2007, 17:01
Many thanks for that Ruud. This is one that I can remember from way back and it was great to see a picture of her again.