Palm Line Reunion 2015

10th May 2015, 17:24
Received from Bob Ellsmoor :-

Dear Palmliners,
Its that time of the year again. This is just to inform you all
that I have now received confirmation that Elders of Elders
are having their reunion lunch on the 18th of June this year
and on the strength of that I have now made a firm booking
for our do the evening before on the 17th of June again at
the Grove House Hotel here in sunny New Brighton.
Pilot and tugs ordered for 1830 for a 1900 meal.
Do hope you will be able to attend.
Can confirm things nearer the time.
Kindest regards,
Bob Ellsmoor. 0151 630 2432.

Hope to see you there !

20th June 2015, 17:30
So how did the re-union Go David. Sorry we couldn,t drum up a lot of support up here in the north east, but advancing years among the Palm Kernels and a quite tidy hike to New Brighton sort of put a damper upon things. I explained all of that to Bob and he was quite understanding.

Alan Weekes
25th June 2015, 14:49
Hope you all had a great reunion.
From an old Palm Line deckie.

Regard. Alan.

30th June 2015, 13:18
Wednesday 17 June 2015 saw the Wallasey Palm Line Reunion at The Grove House Hotel with fourteen attendees, including Beryl, Kate and Thora. The Wirral Squirrels had been busy planning activities around the reunion and we enjoyed an open topped bus trip around Liverpool and a walk around the Albert Dock and the Museum of Liverpool, with two trips on the Mersey Ferries. Strings had been pulled and favours called in to arrange a visit to the Ship Simulator - right up the street of the navigators!!!! though they did forget to ring off the engines when they finished. Many thanks to Bob Ellsmoor and Mark Williamson.

Unfortunately the NorthEast Boys and Adrian & Graham Hobbins could not attend and were missed, everyone hoping to try catch up on the NorthEast Boys - mentioned were Jimmy Smith and Norman Thompson.

Likewise Bernie Grace could not attend and we were hoping to grill him on the whereabouts of the Scouse Palm Liners.

Since the reunion George Morris has been up to the NorthEast and the feedback is rather sad in respect of Jimmy and Liz.

The Grove House Hotel was, as usual, fantastic, both with the Reunion Dinner and with those that stayed there. In thanks of their attention the owner, Nick, was presented with a set of Wall Shields, Palm Line, Merchant Navy - Palm Line and Palm Line Reunion 2015.

We are already putting the planning together for the Palm Line Reunion 2016 and hope that everyone will try to attend, most likely it will be mid-June time.

I will post photos and attendee details later.

Kind Regards to All,

David Wilson.

aka Cacique.

Mike Kelly
6th July 2015, 20:39
Hi Guys
Sorry I missed the reunion. I've been searching the web for years trying to find some Palm Liners and have only just found this. Mr Wilson, haven't seen you for a few years, hope you are well. Would also love to meet up with Mr
Hobbins. Adrian, hope you are well. Some bad news at this end; Joe Sugden moved to Hightown circa 1990. He moved into a house just a hundred yards or so from me. We had many a good laugh in the Hightown Hotel over the years and many Palm Line names were mentioned, but unfortunately, Joe passed away about 4 years ago. Any contact from Bob Rankin? Can't wait to see the full attendee list Dave.

6th July 2015, 21:59
Mike Kelly - now there´s a name ! I thought you must be out there somewhere, missing with Rocky Lenton and Dobbo the Dog, was trying to locate Bernie Grace in the hope of shedding some light on the whereabouts of the Palm Scousers, such as Snowy and Eileen.

In an earlier posting I had read that Bob Rankin had crossed the bar (testicular cancer).

Attendees were Mike & Kate Hurley, George and Thora Morris, Jammy & Beryl Matthews, David Flemming-Miller, Bob Ellsmoor, Mark Williamson, Paul Traylor, Don Sculley, Don Cox, Mark Williamson, one other wh´s name escapes me and myself.

I am still in Venezuela, after being sold along with the Apapa.

Keep Well Mike,


8th July 2015, 12:17
Flippin' Heck (To Yorkshirefy things slightly!) I've been trawling through the posting for years, Dave, didn't know Bob Rankin had passed. Saw Dad on Saturday and were wondering what had happened to him, such sad news (as it is when anyone passes) not looking forward to telling Dad that and the news about Joe Sugden, another shame, Mike. I will do my damnedest to make sure he gets his backside to the reunion next year, so many of the people he asks me about were there! He can be a stubborn git.


13th July 2015, 18:33
The name that escaped me from the list of attendees of the 2015 Reunión was Jeff Friar, ex Purser of Ashanti Palm fame (SS Ashanti Palm struck the breakwater at the entrance to Naples Harbour in heavy weather and sunk on 18 November 1962 when on route from Genoa to Port Harcourt with General Cargo). My apologies Jeff.

Kind Regards to All,

David Wilson.

aka "Cacique".

18th July 2015, 00:11
See Mark went twice David, had a few sherberts? :-D

18th July 2015, 11:30
One was himself and one standing in for you !

28th October 2015, 18:43
Mike Fortune has just informed me that Jimmy Smith has passed away. He was 85 and been in poor health for some time. He will be cremated tomorrow the 29th of October at South Shields crematorium.
RIP Jim.

28th October 2015, 19:37
Was Bob Rankin the shore super in Liverpool at one time???

28th October 2015, 21:11
Colin, very sad to receive the news of Jim, we were talking about him in Wallasey back in June, George Morris had mentioned how upset he was the last time he saw Jim. I remember his fondness of Gilbert & Sullivan and his disdain at after-lunch bronzying on the Monkey Island, with his famous "eee lad if God has wanted you born bl**k, he´d have left you in the oven a bit longer". A pleasure to have known and sailed with Gentleman Jim.

28th October 2015, 21:40
I could not agree more David. Jim I think was fondly called "the vicar" if my memory serves me correctly
Kind regards

29th October 2015, 13:56
Jimmy Smith joined the Ikeja Palm in Lagos when Mum and I did the voyage with Dad in 1973. He flew out to take over from Alan Walton, who I think went to the Ilesha. Jimmy took it upon himself to help me with the school work I'd had to take with me. He was better a teaching than some of the people at school!

Sad to hear of his passing. RIP Mr Smith, a true gentleman