s.s. Albistan

Doug Rogers
26th February 2005, 03:31
A good view of s.s. Albistan at Liverpool
(courtesy MN site)

26th February 2005, 14:30
Interesting this single built Short Bros/g Clark of 1943, 5500 gt.Single screw
recoprocating 11knots .

Doug Rogers
26th February 2005, 22:19
Not the most comfortable ship I have ever been on but very representative of her era, the Radio Office and accommodation was situated at the end of the boat deck, when she went astern the noise was unbelievable, sounded as though a hundred bags of spanners had just been emptied down the ventilation hatches...dunno why it should have been that noisy but it was!!.

Doug Rogers
1st March 2005, 02:38
Albistan viewed from the focsle in 1961