Cemex short of dredgers?

15th May 2015, 01:20
I have noticed that the only boat that delivers along the South Coast for Cemex, Sand Heron, is up in the Tees at A&P having work done.

Now that Serin and Weaver have both gone and Harrier working North Europe it appears that Cemex have no cover boats. The sand yard at Shoreham has been fairly empty for a couple of weeks.

Are they due a new boat?

Pilot mac
15th May 2015, 11:39
City of Cardiff and City of Chichester covering for Heron whilst she is undergoing survey/repairs. Demand for MDA is high at the moment so all yards are fairly empty.


16th May 2015, 01:49
Thanks for that Dave, I did see that Cardiff had brought a load to the yard.
The question is that, in Shoreham at least, we have lost a fair number of dredgers (Sand Weaver, Sand Serin, Sand Harrier, Norstone, Thames, Vlaanderen XXI) yet we have no new callers on the horizon.

16th May 2015, 07:29
Newhaven, Shoreham, Portsmouth, southampton, Exmouth, Plymouth and Falmouth were regular ports when I was on the Sand Boats, especially the Sand Martin. Long time ago now when there were plenty of Sand boats around for South Coast Shipping.