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alan dixon
13th April 2007, 22:33
Hello to you all.
My interests are strictly genealogical. I have no background in either maritime or wireless telegraphy matters but am chasing the life story of a relative, Godfrey DOWNHAM, who did.
He held PMG 4205 1st Class from 1918/19, served on board various John Glyn vessels out of Liverpool at that time and, later - certainly in 1924 - was 3rd Wireless Operator on the White Star liner SS. Adriatic.
I know that the White Star records are apparently lost but, since Godfrey was born and lived in Clitheroe, only 50 or 60 miles from Liverpool and since John Glyn were based in Liverpool, I am guessing that he trained as a W/T operator at the Marconi School at Seaforth, Liverpool and that's about as much as I currently know.
Could any of you advise how to move on a little further?

Alan Dixon

non descript
13th April 2007, 22:44
Alan, a warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the community; enjoy the site and all it has to offer and hopefully the many R/O's * we have on here will be able to lend their assistance. We very much look forward to your postings with news of success. Bon Voyage

* there is such a band of them on here, that one of them will be on the right wavelength (Jester) Surely they have a Very High Frequency of making visits to the site, that they will break the code soon.....

13th April 2007, 23:50
Welcome to SN Alan.

I wish you good luck with your research - I joined the site about 18 months ago for similar reasons to yourself and became hooked so you have been warned!

You could start by checking out the Ship Research forum which has a number of threads with information about research.



14th April 2007, 00:01
A warm welcome from Tasmania Alan and good luck with your search.

14th April 2007, 04:10
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the Voyage

14th April 2007, 19:35
Greetings Alan and welcome. Enjoy the site. Bon voyage.