Kotuku in Tahiti.

15th April 2007, 13:19
Not strictly a USSCo. vessel, but managed by them until 1995? when the fleet trabsferred management to Howard Smith Shipping (NZ).

The attached photo was taken early 1980's (we saw Halleys Comet) on a voyage charter, loading Geelong for Tahiti and Fiji.

This is Kotuku double banked with an old Pan-Ocean Anco chemical tanker which was doing duty in Tahiti as a floating storage unit. We had one day discharging Gas Oil and JET before departing back for Suva.

Dream trip!


John Clarke
7th September 2007, 11:13
Nice pic Stu

I was there too. You were 2/O and I was 3/O. Dave Barnes, Bill Compson? and skipper was Fearless Fred Kelner.

I was chased back to the ship by stone-throwing locals in Papeete after too many Hinano beers one afternoon - but I kept that quiet. To be fair I did throw the first stone.

8th September 2007, 16:28
Does anyone have any idea as to which
"old Pan-Ocean Anco chemical tanker" it was?
Best Wishes, Raymond

John Clarke
9th September 2007, 08:08
Don't know the old name. But i seem to rememebr it was then named "Tahitien" or "Tahitian" or similar.