Indonesian P-Boats

17th April 2007, 15:30
Last Monday, with the locally based Rock Maritime Services acting as agents, the Panamanian registered 1998-built, 14021-ton General Cargo Ship, the Da Hua, arrived in Gibraltar with two new Indonesian Police Patrol Boats as deck cargo. The two vessels, KP Pelikan (641) and KP Punai (642), are the first two of five brand new, Polish built, 36.4-metre, 198-ton vessels which were financed under a US $145-million deal which also included Mi-2 helicopters and a number of Skytruck aircraft.
Rgds Neill

John Briggs
17th April 2007, 21:55
Wonder how long it will take them to wreck the vessels!

17th April 2007, 23:10
shouldnt think the pirates will have much problem in the Malacca straights with these two.

Geoff Garrett
18th April 2007, 06:42
I have always maintained a personal interest in piracy in the Malacca Strait since I was pirated, about 20 miles SE of Horsburg Lt. in 1986. Absolutely nobody gave a damn and it is now refreshing to see at least the Yanks are coming to the party with finance to get something done about it.

Up until the closing of the British naval base at Singapore (1970's?), piracy in these waters was unheard of and I now suspect that the US is leaning on these littoral states to come up with some positive action, else they will!

19th April 2007, 13:41
Another view from 'tother side showing "641"
Apparently they "Can" be armed but there is no immediate decision to do so - At least the pirates now know!!!
Rgds Neill