Odyssey Medical

23rd April 2007, 22:14
Do you remember Doctor Ferguson who used to examine us before we signed on. Used to drive a Sunbeam Talbot convertible (dog left in back seat), wear a toupe, and have built up heals (not cuban' just built up).

Apparently, one day a 'crowd' were waiting in the room just off the lobby ( outside Ronnie Simons /Greenwoods office) all standing around the perimeter when an old Lampy came out from the medical 'beaming' but unfortunately only managed to walk a few feet before collapsing on the AH logo in the lino.
Ferguson was alerted immediately and on reaching the individual commenced exploring in the region of the Lampy's rear end. There was no shortage of sailors who were eager to advise that that was not where his heart was to which Ferguson replied. xxxx his heart where is that chit I just signed!

29th April 2007, 23:28
Nice one Hague.